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Yankees still killing it. Tyler Austin's 440-foot homer on Sunday in Kansas Ci

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Highspot, May 21, 2018.

  1. Highspot

    Highspot Failure is not an option Administrator

  2. Juventudinho

    Juventudinho Estou Pronto Administrator

    Hope they get back to their glory years.
  3. AidsJohnson

    AidsJohnson Rookie

    Fuck the Yankees lol. They cannot return to their glory days, because their homegrown super talent is nearly non-existant at this point. They are baseball fans' pariah to what the Steroid era looked like, and the fact they cannot get anywhere near the big one keeps people cheering for teams like the Rays and Jays.

    There is a reason baseball all united to together to congratulate the Astros on their winning the big one, same as the Cubs and KC before them. They took a core group, and added a few to bolster themselves....they didn't just try to buy the best deck.

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