NXT Who Are the Nxt Top Guys (See what I did there!?)

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Nov 18, 2018
Your Darkest Nightmares
So, tag-team wise I'm liking the Street-Profits. I think they could carry the tag-titles for a while while the division gets a reset - we could do with ReDragon getting active in there again instead of just doing the UE schtick. Speaking of which:

I'm not sure I'd ever get behind Roderick Strong BUT in his initial singles run they kind of made him feel like a Bret Hart character, if they go ahead and split him from UE and he can show a bit of personality then he'll do well. He certainly has the wrestling ability to be a top guy.

KUSHIDA made his debut this past week and they really built him up. He's a little small (but then so is Gargano) but is great in the ring. The language barrier might prove problematic but he's kept the TimeSplitters/ Back To The Future entrance attire so that's good.

I don't think I'll ever get behind the Forgotten Sons but Gunner/Jaxson Ryker is pretty decent. Liked him in TNA as Gunner and still like him now.

Anybody else got any thoughts?


May 19, 2019
Gargano is far and away my favourite wrestler at the moment. So smooth, sells brilliantly. My only issue is his entrance theme, which sounds like it should be for a female wrestler, it really pisses me off.