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Il Capitano
Sep 29, 2017
United States of America
This section is just a place to talk about things you want to talk about. It is also for debates, news, current events and serious topic discussion.

If you want to tell a personal story, talk about some interesting stuff you've learned or anything that is a little too soft for the general off-topic section.

Since this section may include some sensitive stuff, I'm pretty sure there is unlimited editing in here. You can manage your own thread by deleting or locking it.

I expect this place to be rather civil. Somebody might post some thing you think is stupid, but keep it to yourself. This is just a place to talk about whatever, and people should feel welcomed and not feel stupid for saying something only to be criticized.

Constructive criticism if different than trolling or bullying. Anyone that does it, will be barred from the section.
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