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What do you recommend for someone to lose weight?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by Juventudinho, Jan 14, 2018.

  1. Juventudinho

    Juventudinho Il Capitano Administrator

    What do you recommend for someone to lose weight?

    I'd say, take up a sport that you like. Cut back on bad eating habits, slowly. Drink a lot more water, and probably take up a hobby since boredom is one of the main reasons that lead to over-eating.
  2. Punk

    Punk Get the Strap! Platinum D-Generation X

    Keep moving and diet.
    Like say if you go to the gym for 90 minutes. Don't make that the end of your activity for the day.
    Cut soda out and drink more organic shit.
  3. Juventudinho

    Juventudinho Il Capitano Administrator

    I'd also recommend fasting for a couple of days, and using that time to do some light activity. When the time comes to eat, drink water and eat low fat foods.
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  4. Adam

    Adam Trainee

    Count calories, it is pretty simple once you do that tbh. Gym paired with calorie counting made me lose 40lbs in the last 8 months.

    Worth noting that Low Fat usually means High Sugar and vice versa.
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  5. Highspot

    Highspot Failure is not an option Administrator

    I recommend a lifestyle change as it will work in the long run. First, one liter of water a day and if you go by any bodybuilder eat eight small healthy meals a day. This way, your metabolism keeps burning fat. For me, I was always thin and now I am heavier due to herniated 4 discs in my neck. If you drive, park far away from the office, school or work. If you starve yourself trust me you will gain everything back. It's all about having a balanced life that you can meditate and exercise to relieve stress. If you hate to workout in front of anyone try ddp yoga!!!
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  6. Lavender Haze

    Lavender Haze Indie Wrestler

    Exercise and eat Healthy.
    What has helps me to maintain my Weight is that I drink at least 1-2 cups of water every time before I eat. That way the water has time to fill u up, abit, helping u to eat a less. Works for me every time!
    Here is a little known fact:
    Put ur hand in a lose fist, Hold it up yo ur stomach. That's the size the inside of ur stomach is. If U put both fists together, that's the size of ur brain. :D :D Just a little factoid there. Lol

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