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Be the Booker WCW LIVES!!! (2001 onward)

Discussion in 'PWF Interactive' started by WrestleRacer91, May 31, 2018.

  1. WrestleRacer91

    WrestleRacer91 Heavyweight Champion Platinum

    Backstory: AOL Time Warner has decided to sell World Championship Wrestling and all of it's properties. Upon hearing this information, former Executive Producer Eric Bischoff asks AOL Time Warner to give him a chance to pull up the ratings and to turn WCW into a profitable company once again. AOL tells Bischoff that they want no part of professional wrestling and it is in their best interest to sell. Bischoff offers deal to AOL Time Warner to buy out WCW and all of it's properties and ongoing contracts if he can find the proper investor to help him buy WCW.

    While Bischoff is trying to muster up a solid group of investors, he gets a phone call from former boss Ted Turner. Turner said that he has been talking with an unknown media group about possibly starting up an already established professional wrestling company. Bischoff immediately goes into a meeting with the unknown media group, outlining all of his ideas and visions for what WCW can become once again. They tell Bischoff that they will fund the 60 million to him to buy out WCW. Their only condition is that they be allowed creative control over the WCW product and all of the talent. Bischoff reluctantly agrees to these terms and tells them that his friend and colleague Jason Hervey will produce all of the programming for WCW.

    After the contract is signed and the deal is made, Eric Bischoff tries to work a deal with AOL Time Warner to continue to air WCW Monday Night Nitro on TNT, but AOL Time Warner refuses and states that they never wish to air any professional wrestling content on their networks again. So, at this point and time WCW has been purchased as well as all the talent contracts have been converted, but they are without a television network to air their programming.

    With Bischoff and the unknown media group frantically trying to find a television network to air WCW programming, they finally set up a meeting with USA Network, the network that previously aired WWF Monday Night RAW. With WWF RAW taking off on TNN, USA Network is in the market for picking up a professional wrestling show once again. In the meeting, Bischoff tells USA that the only way that they will be able to compete with the WWF again is if they can be given the same time slot that they had in the Turner era by going to head to head with RAW. USA tells Bischoff that they feel it would be a bad idea to go head to head with RAW. Due to it being too big of a risk for the USA Network, they decide to pass on putting WCW on their network.

    Bischoff then has talks with the FX network and after several meetings with them, they agree to air WCW every Saturday night at 6:05pm starting April 14th, 2001.

    With that, let the games begin!​
    Last edited: Jun 5, 2018
  2. WrestleRacer91

    WrestleRacer91 Heavyweight Champion Platinum

    WCW World Heavyweight Champion - Booker T (as of 3/26/01)
    WCW United States Champion - Booker T (as of 3/26/01)
    WCW World Tag Team Champions - Chuck Palumbo & Sean O'Haire (as of 3/26/01)
    WCW Cruiserweight Champion - Shane Helms (as of 3/26/01)
    WCW Cruiserweight Tag Team Champions - Billy Kidman & Rey Mysterio Jr. (as of 3/26/01)​
  3. WrestleRacer91

    WrestleRacer91 Heavyweight Champion Platinum

    - AJ Styles
    - Air Paris
    - Alex Wright
    - Animal
    - Bam Bam Bigelow
    - Billy Kidman
    - Big Vito
    - Booker T
    - Brian Adams
    - Bryan Clark
    - Buff Bagwell
    - Cash
    - Chavo Guerrero Jr.
    - Chuck Palumbo
    - Crowbar
    - Curt Henning
    - DeWayne Bruce
    - Diamond Dallas Page
    - Disco Inferno
    - Don Harris
    - Dustin Rhodes
    - Dusty Rhodes
    - Elix Skipper
    - Ernest Miller
    - Evan Karagias
    - Goldberg
    - Hacksaw Jim Duggan
    - Hugh Morris
    - Hulk Hogan
    - Ice Train
    - Jamie Knoble
    - Jason B.
    - Jason Jett
    - Jeff Jarrett
    - Johnny the Bull
    - Kaz Hayashi
    - Kanyon
    - Kwee Wee
    - Kevin Nash
    - Kid Romeo
    - Konnan
    - Lance Storm
    - Lash LeRoux
    - Lex Lugar
    - Mark Jindrak
    - Meng
    - Mike Awesome
    - Mike Sanders
    - Norman Smiley
    - Reno
    - Rey Mysterio Jr.
    - Ric Flair
    - Rick Steiner
    - Ron Harris
    - Scott Steiner
    - Scotty O.
    - Sean O'Haire
    - Shane Douglas
    - Shane Helms
    - Shannon Moore
    - Shawn Stasiak
    - Sid Vicious
    - Sting
    - Terry Funk
    - The Demon
    - The Wall
    - Yun Yang

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