Nov 18, 2018
Jacksonville North Carolina
When we struggle today remember yesterday is soon to be remember today still exist which means tomorrow can be brighter.
You can do anything you set your mind to I'm serious. I'm a Country Boy from a small town in eastern North Carolina I make decent money but not great money throughout my life I own my home I own my car I've lost my car in the flood I've had homes burned down I'm still strong and I'm still here.

God don't give you anything you can't handle give me hurricane Florence one of the worst hurricanes I ever lived in my life my house is burned down I lost my car in the hurricane my home has been ransacked and stripped for copper wire you can't even make this stuff up.

Sometimes what you think are negatives are positives sometimes you realize who you truly are when you thought you already knew.

I realize with my house burnt down that you can lose anything in a Split Second I realize how my house was ransacked 4 copper wire people can be evil but that doesn't mean you should not trust people it just shows you that everyone is full of sin but the people are inside my house and Burn It Down two different events by the way I believe they're still probably good people that made bad decisions and I hope the best for them and there was a point in my life when I would have tried to kill them or wished that they would all die age comes wisdom and I realize like the Bible teaches turn the other cheek pray for them if you really want to get to your enemies praying for them is like rubbing salt in the wounds if you say you believe in the Bible practicing and remember all the worlds in Perfections can be better prepared for perfection if you get better start with yourself make yourself better don't worry about your neighbor he can worry about itself don't get this twisted you should help him because he's your neighbor ..

On this day I challenge you to help someone you don't even know give them a ride tell them they're beautiful tell them their special tell them they're doing a good job at their job go out to eat today get you a hamburger at a drive-thru and compliment that person in the window and how good they're doing do do it and then make a habit of always doing it always tell the person at the drive-thru they're doing great even when they're little man and they don't get your order right tell him thank you for what you're doing and it is very good to interact with you today do it and then make a habit of it God bless each and everyone of you and I hope you have a wonderful day not because it's a Hallmark holiday but because it's the right thing to do let's make a habit of telling each other you're a good person complement each other and bring the world together it's a crazy thought but can't we all just get along love is better than hate. Hope is better than fear. A chance is better to take then a failure that might happen living in the future is better than the past and being positive is always better than being negative if you don't have nothing good to say don't say nothing treat your friends and family as you want to be treated God bless each and everyone of you love your Republican friends love your Democrat friends love your gay friends your straight friends you're atheist friends you're employed friend you're unemployed friends and tell them they are wonderful God bless each and everyone of you spread the word keep it positive