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Impact Wrestling Uncaged Next Friday: World Cup 2019 as Team AAA Battles Team IMPACT

Discussion in 'ROH & Impact News Feed' started by Highspot, Feb 9, 2019.

  1. Highspot

    Highspot Failure is not an option Administrator

    It is The 2019 World Cup and it is Team AAA vs. Team IMPACT. This is going to be an incredible Elimination Tag Team encounter that will see the Stars of AAA vs. the Stars of IMPACT Wrestling. Team AAA vs. Team IMPACT. Battle lines have been drawn and bragging rights are at stake. Which team will prevail?

    On Team AAA, you have Psycho Clown, Aerostar, Puma King and Vikingo. Four men on the same page who are all working towards the same goal. The same can not be said for Team IMPACT. Eddie Edwards and Eli Drake can be a great team, but they don’t like each other at all. Fallah Bahh isn’t used to being on this team and Sami Callihan pretty much does whatever he feels like doing. That makes for one explosive team.

    Anything can happen on Friday night at Uncaged and we can’t wait to see who gets to lift the trophy high above their heads as the victorious team on IMPACT. The 2019 World Cup will be decided on Friday night.

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