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Impact Wrestling Tonight on IMPACT Wrestling

Discussion in 'Indie Wrestling' started by Highspot, Sep 20, 2018.

  1. Highspot

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    Tonight on IMPACT Wrestling from Mexico City, Mexico we make history! This is a first time ever that IMPACT comes to you from south of the American border and what a month it will be on the road to Comda.Com Presenting Bound For Glory LIVE on Pay Per View on Sunday, October 14th from a Sold Out Melrose Ballroom in New Your City.

    Tonight all the Stars are out and it will be frantic as everyone looks to get the best position possible at Bound For Glory, our biggest night of the year. Who will shine in Mexico City, Mexico tonight?

    Rich Swann has been having issues with Matt Sydal for weeks and now, in Mexico, Swann looks to get his hands on Sydal. Matt Sydal is a former X-Division Champion and he has been playing an odd game with Swann. It seems, on the surface, that Sydal wants to guide Swann and mold him into his own image. The problem is, Swann doesn’t want anything to do with Matt Sydal. Swann is carving his own path and doesn’t feel the need to align himself with Matt Sydal. Will Sydal get the picture?

    At Bound For Glory live on Pay Per View on October 14th, it will be Sami Callihan and oVe vs. Fenix, Pentagon Jr. and Brian Cage. Callihan and oVe want to prove they are the best trio in the world. So tonight on IMPACT, the men from Ohio will face Aerostar, Hijo Del Vikingo and Laredo Kid in a 6 man tag team match. Will oVe and Callihan make their impression on their Bound For Glory opponents? Find out tonight!

    At Bound For Glory it will be LAX and Konnan vs. the OGz and King. This is the most personal rivalry in all of IMPACT. It is about the past, the present and the future. All six of these men have known each other for many years. Konnan raised King, Santana, Ortiz, Homicide and Hernandez in the streets. King turned his back on Konnan and got Homicide and Hernandez to do the same thing. Now it ends where it started in New York City. Tonight on IMPACT King looks to send a message to Konnan. Remember the ceasefire between the teams, they can’t touch each other until Bound For Glory.

    Tonight we reveal who will join the illustrious IMPACT Wrestling Hall of Fame. Who will join Team 3D, Earl Hebner, Gail Kim, Jeff Jarrett and Sting in the Hall of Fame? Find out tonight.

    Also tonight, Joe Hendry and Grado will release a brand new music video! What will the best friend duo have planned? Don’t miss IMPACT tonight to find out.

    A legendary female athlete will compete on IMPACT this week in Mexico City, Mexico. Current AAA Reina De Reina Champion and a 3x Champion Faby Apache will compete against Alisha Edwards. This will be a tough test for Alisha for sure. Faby Apache might become a global household name after tonight.

    In the Main Event, Austin Aries will defend his World Championship against El Texano in Mexico City, Mexico and even with Killer Kross and Moose lurking ringside watching the back of Austin Aries, this will still be a tough test for Austin Aries. Aries will have to deal with the crowd and a very talented El Texano who has captured gold in AAA and has also competed for Lucha Underground. Johnny IMPACT will pay close attention to this match, IMPACT will challenge Aries for the World Title at Bound For Glory.

    Don’t miss this night from Mexico City, Mexico as it promises to be a night to remember. It is also the kickstart to Comda.Com Presenting Bound For Glory LIVE on Pay Per View on Sunday, October 14th in New York City. Don’t forget to visit Comda.Com right now for your FREE Bound For Glory hat, simply use the Promo Code: BFG.

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