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Thread Rules

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Roadster, Jan 18, 2018.

  1. Roadster

    Roadster Il Capitano Administrator

    Here are some basic overviews of how and where to post threads as well the conduct in a thread.

    Where to Post Threads -

    1.) Wrestling threads
    Wrestling threads should be categorized by their subject. If the subject is a RAW, SmackDown, Indie or International star, post their thread in the corresponding section. For example, a thread about Rusev should be posted in the SmackDown Live section, whether or not the news is about his SmackDown career.

    This is to encourage posts and activity in sections that would otherwise be neglected for a massively inflated general discussion thread. The general discussion thread is for more wide-ranging news or discussions that don't correspond with a single brand or star on a brand.

    2.) News & off-topic threads
    Post news threads in the Personal and Serious section. Personal life and opinion threads also go there. While more laid back content that isn't serious or opinion-based should go in the off-topic section.

    An easy way to know whether your thread belongs in a certain section is to see if it corresponds with any of the prefixes in the Serious section. If it doesn't, then it doesn't belong there.

    3.) Entertainment threads
    This is a simple thing. Threads that have to do with media and entertainment go in the Entertainment section.

    4.) Be the Bookers, wrestling opinions, lists, podcasts, reviews and fantasy booking
    These are all threads for the PWF Interactive section. Don't post those type threads in the General WWE or General Discussion sections.

    How to Post Threads -

    1.) News threads
    News threads, whether it be real life or wrestling related, require a source. A good and easy way to include a source is by hyperlinking. To do this, highlight the words that you want to hyperlink, click the "Link" icon next to the font picker in the editor, paste the URL from the site you're quoting and confirm.

    2.) Spoiler threads
    Make sure to include a spoiler tag by clicking the "+" and adding it. If you're posting a thread in a section with a "Spoiler" prefix, use that as well. The rules on spoilers are that you must refrain from spoiling on the main forum within 24 hours of an event happening. Otherwise, you should still tag them.

    How to Act in a Thread -

    1.) Off-Topic
    We aren't going to be very stringent on if you go off-topic, but purposefully going off-topic may warrant a thread ban.

    2.) Flaming
    Don't flame people for the purpose of flaming. If you have a gripe. Handle it elsewhere, not in a thread. Flaming may result in a thread ban or a suspension.

    3.) Duplicate Threads
    This is something that I've been suffering from, but posting a duplicate thread happens. The newer thread will be merged into the older thread. If a thread is not in the right section, it will be moved. Otherwise, report or notify a mod when it happens.
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