This Years Induction Process

Davey Wrestling

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Nov 18, 2018
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Ladies and Gentlemen, this years PWF Hall of Fame induction class will consist of six inductees comprising of three singles entries, one team entry, and two "Wrestling Treasures".

There are now three nomination threads, one for each of these categories, open for your nominations:

How it will work:

  • Each member of the forum can make up to eight nominations in each thread​
  • Nominations for individuals/teams/wrestling treasures will be tallied up at the end of the nominating period (23rd June).​
  • If, after nominations are tallied, we have the correct amount of inductees then results are locked.​
  • If, after nominations are tallied, we have a tied number of entrys for any category, a three day poll will go up in order to break the deadlock.​
  • If the poll cannot break the deadlock then the person/team/thing that was nominated first in the nominations thread will take priority and become an inductee.​
  • Our 2019 Hall of Fame class will be announced on July 5th.​

Please nominate now!