They'll know my name


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D-Generation X
Sep 30, 2017
63 has uploaded a new video to their YouTube channel titled; They'll Know My Name. The video starts out with static, and fades to black for a few brief moments. A beat starts to build and it slowly turns into an old IWT theme.

The video starts to pull a couple of snippets from the PWFNetwork, the now owners of the IWT.

Snippet One: Jack Fortè beats Nick and [REDACTED] to become the Intercontinental Champion.

Snippet Two: Jack Fortè beats the then longest reigning IC Champion, Senhor Perfect on his quest to re-legitimize the title.

Snippet Three: Jack Fortè beats Danny Jacobs for the X-Division title, retiring the belt and the division.

Snippet Four: Jack Fortè beats longterm rival Bishop at SummerSlam, cementing him as the longest reigning IC Champion.

Snippet Five: Jack Fortè loses the IC Title to James Dragon, who also hands Jack his first singles loss since debuting almost a year prior.

Snippet Six: Jack Fortè defeats Alias Antonio to earn a shot at the IWT Champion. Jack then aligns himself with a rookie who joins in the post-match beatdown of Alias.

The video then searches for Jack Fortè vs Danny Jacobs/Luis Ovaldhino for the IWT Title, but no footage is found.

It starts to fade to black again, until a new section plays: