Storyline The Universe & It's Cowards.


The Four Horsemen
Oct 1, 2017
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We open on b-roll footage of space. Stars, planets, the whole shebang, the Universe. We have some voice over from some posh sounding British Astrologist.

“The universe is big, its vast, its limitless, endless. The greatest minds in the history of humankind have pondered for centuries upon centuries with one question; What is at the center of the Universe?”

The footage then flashes to a shot of Scott Fargo, the IWT Universal Championship, in it's usual place, over his shoulder.

Fargo is sat back in a beautiful black leather chair, he smirks as the camera moves in and begins.
FARGO: “Well, the answer is simple. I am. I am the center of the Universe. And these beautiful gold and diamond encrusted plates slapped on some exquisitely crafted black leather that I have wrapped around my shoulder, and have carried and defended valiantly for over a year at this point, proves, without a shadow of doubt, that I am the CENTER of the Universe and NOBODY, nobody, is gonna take it from me. So, with that said...”

Fargo's smirk fades into a look of anger and disgust as he takes the title from off his shoulder and sits it in his lap.

FARGO: “Where do you get off, Mikey? Huh? You give me the go ahead to challenge that Punk bitch Christian to unify this title with the IWT Title, but he, like I knew he would, got scared and ran off with his tail between his legs. At the end of the day, he is no different from the rest of the so-called IWT “Legends”. I look at them all, from the Dat Kids, to the Fortes, from the Aids to the Bryants, from the Andrews to the Antonios, and from the Christians to the Kaizers, and do you know what I see, Mikey? I see poor excuses of wrestlers, I see old, boring acts, but above all, I see nothing but pussies.”

Fargo shakes his head and shifts position in his chair.

FARGO: “They make a big fucking deal coming back, then they lose, spiral and say they are retired. Look at Dat Kid for example. Some of them don’t even lose, they win, they take the so-called top title, and they leave you high and dry, Mikey. Just look at Christian.”

Fargo takes the title and rises from the chair and begins pacing around.

FARGO: “All the true greats. Jacobs, Dragon, Ovaldinho. Where are they exactly? Jacobs and Luis? Fuck knows, but they want nothing to do with your bullshit. Dragon went off to Hollywood, but keeps coming back to the ring, but not IWT, and you know why? Dragon is done with your bullshit too. So, all you have left, the only true great you have, at the end of the day, is me. But why? Am I done with your bullshit? Hell fuckin yeah I am done with your bullshit. But IWT? No way. I love IWT way too fuckin much to let that get in my way.”

Fargo stops and turns back to the camera, title down by his side.
FARGO: “But I wake up, and I see a message saying “All IWT Titles are now vacant”. You know what I say to that? Eat shit and die. The belt may say “IWT”, but it is MY property. And that is how it’ll remain, because I, am the center of the Universe.”

Fargo turns his back to the camera and walks off, but stops.

FARGO: "That wanted to take it from me by force? But we both know that'll never happen. Will it?"

Fargo struts off with a laugh as he goes on to defend his title once again.

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