Storyline The Spirit Never Dies


Il Capitano
Sep 29, 2017
United States of America

The post-IWTMania crowd sits in confusion as former IWT General Manager, Michael, makes his way out to the ring wearing an all black suit and a red dress shirt. He buttons his blazer on the ramp and takes a microphone out from his back pocket. He steps down the ramp and enters the ring. He looks around at the crowd with a nonchalant look on his face. He takes a deep breath and begins.

Michael: Last night, IWTMania VI: The Last Chapter, as it was to be called was a total disaster. Our glorious General Manager, Dat Kid was AWOL and nowhere to be found. I tried contacting him, finding him and the result was merely a void of nothing. You know, since IWT was founded there's been two constants...Michael and Dat Kid. Whether the promotion was dead, alive or in a coma - both of us were the ones to be assured of a consistent appearance. I had a mutual respect for Kid for many years, 5 years ago - he gave a kid a chance and in those 5 years that kid has went on to become the greatest legend in IWT history whilst he...he fizzled out. He came in with a new regime, after I signed away my duties. He came in with new ideas, new promises, new structure - but what he possessed in innovation, he lacked in dedication.

Michael strolls around the ring, whilst the crowd reacts with boos.

Michael: He promised everyone that IWTMania VI was the final nail in the IWT coffin. That he had exercised everything in his power to execute the perfect plan and it had failed. Allow IWT to bow out, one final time. And he was right, the IWT has bowed out. 7 years, dozens of champions, gallons of blood, sweat and tears. It's been a magical experience, but it was one that had dried up. We- or rather Dat Kid no longer had the aptitude to produce IWT. He was a dreadful General Manager and booker, he made this company look like total shite - and with his career, it goes into the grave. IWT is dead. The IWT is no more. The IWT was a magical place, in it's prime, but incompetence and castration have left it for dead. I, for one, no longer intend to revive the IWT. The IWT has been buried 6 feet under and it's history locked away. There is no. more. IWT.

The crowd erupts into boos and jeers at the announcement.

Michael: We've burned the IWT to the ground, it's ashes spread amongst the Indus River basin. The IWT is dead, and with it comes reincarnation. The IWT is dead, the IWT is no more - but professional wrestling continues. Ladies and gentlemen, I've taken it upon myself to establish a new organization, an international wrestling organization that will establish a new legacy and a new territory. We call back to the olympic inventions of the Greeks, the tradition and respect of the pro-wrestling industry. Ladies and gentlemen...I present to you...Diethnes Wrestling

The crowd continues to boo.

Michael: Diethnes Wrestling is your new home for professional wrestling. With it, a new breed of stars will arise. With it, a new crop of talent of mature. the IWT is over, Diethnes has arrived. International Wrestling, at it's finest. But don't worry, ladies and gentlemen... for not everything is changing. Seeing as how our last ever IWT World Champion put in a domineering performance at IWTMania VI...I'd like to present Diethnes Wrestling's International Heavyweight Championship of the World too....LORD...LEE!

Michael unpacks a shiny new title from a velvet sack and points to the entrance way.


Indie Wrestler
Oct 7, 2017

*Lord Lee saunters comes down to the ring, bobbing his head along with his theme music. The smirk on his face is almost palpable, still riding the high of the winning feeling from winning at IWT Mania, he enters the ring and grabs a mic, giving the crowd the last chance to get their chorus of boos in as he prepares to begin his monologue*

Lord Lee: Here I am, I expect a thank you from the entitled fans for my timely arrival.

Now, thanks to those fossils who I rightfully confiscated and won the belt from there is a lack of buzz here, hence why my boos are much quieter than usual. For the sake of my legacy and paychecks, I will see what I can do to make this place lively again. The former and seemingly now-new GM is making efforts on his side too with new branding and a clearing out of the cobwebs.

It's sad, illiterate imbecile who pretended to be the IWT saviour killed IWT. Luckily, I am not stupid enough to save IWT, sure I may have said that to rile him up.. but I'm here to save pro wrestling. Unlike the idiot who cried and fled after he lost, I've actually wrestled in more than one fed, sure IWT has my best record but I care more about titles than I do about Internet Wrestling Titles. Therefore I am all for a fresh coat of paint.

This promo may not be the most riveting in the World, but I just cut 5 or 6 or 10 on a couple of morons to win my new beautiful title so sorry if you couch-potatoes have never experienced burnout in your life. But I assure any chancers who think they can just win the belt easily like I did, that I am not washed-up, I am not a relic and I am DAMN SURE NOT happy to cut a promo just talking incoherent dribble like a guy trying to initiate a fight outside a bar. I WILL CUT YOU DOWN but your character will be stronger for the experience, I assure you. So to those watching this wherever in the world, come to Diethnes Wrestling and make yourself a star just merely being on the same programme as I.
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