Storyline The Lord Rises


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Jul 22, 2018
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The group of people were on vacation in an closed location. One of them holding a camera, second in the group at the moment.

Eventually they came across a rather large cave.

The group of people began to explore the cave, becoming lost. They were wondering if they would ever get out, until something caught their attention...

Farooq. He was was standing in front of a massive boulder. With a raise of his hand, he destroyed it.

Woman 1: "Farooq?! I know you! After Micheal laid you out wi--

Farooq: "That is enough. Their names are of blasphemy to wrestling as a whole. Now, you all must be tired and lost?"

All the people nod their heads. Farooq point to the new opening.

Farooq: "This is the way. Now spread the word of the Lord, and it is this: Micheal, you have shook forces beyond what you can handle. The Lord, you may have killed... But I come back to life. I never die. I have conquered divisions, championships and beings. Stand down and apologize to the Lord. And of course for Joey Bryant. The coward struck the Lord from behind, because he can't beat me. Plain and simple. Both are sinners in the eyes of the Lord, but both have a change for redemption. After all, the Lord moves quick and swift. Now go... Spread my message. Let the Resurrection of the Lord begin."
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