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Storyline The Fall of Dat Kid (3 of 3)

Discussion in 'Internet Wrestling Titles' started by Dat Kid, Sep 14, 2018.

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  1. Dat Kid

    Dat Kid Indie Wrestler IWT Creative D-Generation X

    We fade out of black to see Dat Kid in an orange jumpsuit sitting on his metal cot in his cell. We’re looking in through a small rectangular window from the outside. His eyes are focused on his feet.

    Dat Kid: Fame, fortune, legacy. The three things that define the value of a man. You work your whole life to get it, day after day, struggle after struggle, and failure after failure. These three things define what it is to be a man, but yet only a handful of us are able to take it. Some people can’t and others just give up, settle down into an average life, with a sub-par wife, and an awful job that you’ll spend almost half your day doing because you can’t survive without it. To not have the three things that define a man is to submit to modern slavery.

    Kid: And even when you have all three of those things you gotta spend the rest of your life to keep it. See, the struggle of man is to walk up an 91 degree slope and if you protest, if you rebel against the nature of what it means to be a man, they strip away your humanity, lock you away where you are unseen...But we will not be UNHEARD.

    A large figure eclipses the window, and the camera tilts up to see a heavily bearded Evander Amos staring right at the camera.

    Evander: Solitude, Abandonment, Torture. These are the reasons we will see the fall of all men. Jesus Wept.

    A blaring alarm sounds throughout the prison as a guard walks in front of the door and opens it. The camera backs up and Evander looks back at Kid who stands up. The two fist bump and Evander walks out of the cell and the door shuts in front of Kid. Evander walks away with the guard and you can hear Kid stomping. The stomping gets louder but from somewhere else. The camera pans and shows everyone in their cells stomping, matchinf the footsteps of Evander who has his eyes forward and focused.

    Cut to black.
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Moderators: Dat Kid

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