Storyline The Fall of Dat Kid (2 of 3)

Dat Kid

Indie Wrestler
IWT Creative
D-Generation X
Oct 30, 2017
We see Kid sitting and move away as he seems to be in a trance as his mind wanders.

Bailiff: ....all rise.

The courthouse stands up in accordance. On the defendants side is Dat Kid in a grey and blue suit with the sleaziest attorney you've ever seen, more than likely a relative of Aids Johnson. On the plaintiff side is an IWT backstage interviewer, wearing a neck brace. She shoots Dat Kid a glance from her peripheral only to catch a cold stare right back.

The judge takes his seat looking at few papers, then glancing at Kid who is still staring at the defendant.

Judge: Mr.....Kid, you stand accused of 1 count of assault and 1 count of battery. How do you plead?

Kid stands up, tapping his finger on the table in front of him.

Judge: Would you like me to repeat the charges?

Kid: Guilty.

There's a collective gasp about the courtroom. Kid's lawyer is at a loss for words, he scrambles to stand up.

Kid's Lawyer: Your honor, my client is making a mistake.

Kid picks up a the wooden chair and swings it on the back of the attorney who falls over the other side of the table. The bailiff rushes over to Kid who already has his hands out to be cuffed. The bailiff swings him around and uses the nearby stand to deliver Sliced Bread #2 through the table he was just sitting at.

Judge: What the hell is wrong with man? Somebody fucking arrest him.

Kid takes the cuffs from the bailiff puts them on himself and a nearby post. The officers in the courtroom restrain Kid as they try to get him out.

Judge: Mr. Kid

Kid: WHAT?!

Judge: I sentence you to 15 years in federal prison.

Kid: Justice is served! Yay!

Judge: 20 Years

Kid: 25 Years

Judge: 50 Years

Kid: That's how long I've wearin out your mother's pussy.

Interviewer: Your honor!

The IWT interviewer approaches the podium with a document in hand. The judge reads the document. He looks over at Kid who laughing at the officers unable to uncuff him.

Judge: I sentence you to 60 days in jail and twenty years of community service.

Kid: Wait, woah, hold on. What just happened? You can't do that.

Judge: I just did. You'll be assisting a small business known as the Internet Wrestling Titles, I'm sure you're familiar.

Kid: And what am I suppose to be doing.

Interviewer: Whatever Micheal fucking tells you to do piece of shit!

Judge: Court is adjourned.

Kid: What is this?! THIS IS KANGAROO COURT! what'sthatmean? It's kangaroo court I tell you!

The officers break the post Kid is cuffed to in order to drag him out of the room. Kid tries jumping off of the walls but he's restrained by his legs. As he's pushed past the door you can hear muffles of a struggle as the picture fades out.