Storyline The Fall of Dat Kid (1 of 3)

Dat Kid

Indie Wrestler
IWT Creative
D-Generation X
Oct 30, 2017
We're in the perspective of a hand camera as we're driving through an autumn colored road in the back of a cop car. Two officers one with a classic porn stache, the other a bigger bald guy.

Officer Stache: No crazy shit and if there's bodyguards in this guys house we leave, got it?
Bald Officer: Yeah. You really think something's gonna go down.
Officer Stache: He's got a bit of rep. You don't watch TV do you?
Bald Officer: How bad can this guy be?

The officers approach a manor sitting on a grassy hill amongst other houses like it. This one however is covered in vines, the roof a little discolored. We see the officers from the perspective of someone watching from the attic.

The officers knock on the door. The door is pulled open with a remote control car attached to a string. The door reveals an average looking home, the fireplace was probably used the previous night. There's a parts of a gold outfit thrown about. The lights are all off, but dust floats in the sunlight seeping in.

Bald Officer: I see your point. Hello?!
Officer Stache: Hey, Mr. Kid- I mean uh-

The bald officer steps inside.

Bald Officer: Is there anyone here? We have a warrant for the arrest of J-

A grandfather clock in the next room goes off, followed by others slightly after it, each with their own weird song. The officers follow the noise to a small space between the wall and a book shelf. They push the bookcase to the side.

Officer Stache pulls out his gun, but the bald officer lowers it.

Bald Officer: I thought you said no crazy shit.
Officer Stache: This is already some crazy shit.
Bald Officer: Chill out.

Officer Stache puts his gun away but takes out pepper spray. As the two approach the end of the thin hallway they've been walking through they come to a open an old wooden door to a room that seems like it's floor, walls, and ceiling are made of marble.

Dat Kid sits on a red couch facing away from the officers in the center of the room. He's wearing a black suit covered in magenta and red flowers. Sipping whiskey out of a glass as the officers stand just a few feet away from him, Kid looks at a statue of a wrestler dangling from ring ropes while having his head pulled back by none other than himself.

Bald Officer: Sir-

The clocks start sounding for 12 o'clock, each clock echoing the last. The sound is so loud that the officers cover their ears, Kid doesn't, he closes his eyes as if to be soothed by it.

Dat Kid: It's definitely a little off, but there's something...revitalizing about it.

The officers walk around to the other side of the couch to see a lightly bruised Kid, still recovering from his match with Micheal.

Dat Kid: I used to think that having them all go off at the same time was rewarding, a testament to all meticulous effort in making sure each one of these clocks went off exactly how I wanted them to.
Bald Officer: Sir we have a warrant for your arrest for the assault and battery of Female Interviewer #1.
Dat Kid: Is that her real name?
Officer Stache: Yeah, I said the same thing Kid. Hi, by the way, I watch the show.

Officer Stache is all smiles as the Bald Officer side eyes him, he notices.

Officer Stache: If you could stand up please, so we can get this whole thing figured out.
Dat Kid: You want me to stand up, so we can get this figured out?

Dat Kid nods at the officer, then stands up.

Dat Kid: Like this? You gonna put handcuffs on me?

The officer shoots a look at the bald officer before pulling out his handcuffs, just then another clock goes off. Officer Stache is startled and he drops the cuffs by Kid's feet.

Dat Kid: Ha, sorry about that, it's like what I was saying. I used to sync them up, but it just took so much effort for the same result, day after day. I eventually just stopped syncing them and well....unpredictability is so much more rewarding.

Dat Kid bends down and picks up the handcuffs, then cuffs himself.

Dat Kid: Let's go.

The officers grab Dat Kid by his arms as they escort him out of the room, but the camera is fixated on the statue as we move in closer to a faint ticking noise coming from the statue's wrist. The watch is a few seconds from 12 and once it hits twelve we here an electric spark. We cut back to a shot where the statue is center frame, being illuminated from behind with the flicker of fire...
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