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Storyline The Doors of the Church are open

Discussion in 'Internet Wrestling Titles' started by Cortana, Jul 23, 2018.

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  1. Cortana

    Cortana Undisputed IWT World Champion Super Moderator The Four Horsemen

    Within a few seconds, the lights shut off; as a result catching the fans by surprise. The pitch black stadium was filled with only the lights shunned by flashing cameras. "Praise the Lord!"

    A spotlight was turned to the center of the ring. White smoke covered the arena, but more importantly there was a figure in the squared circle. Planted on his knees, with arms spread out, Farooq was there. The crowd gave a mixed reaction, though was mostly positive. The superstar soaked in the reaction from the crowd, before making his way to his feet. Standing, he remained his pose with keeping his arms open and starring off into the spotlight. The ring announcer walked into the ring, handing Farooq a microphone.

    The music would die down, but the spotlight and white smoked remained. Taking a second to walk in a circle, the wrestler chuckled. His garments were of a white suit, white dress shoes, a gold Rolex on his right wrist and diamond earrings. "Praise the Lord!" Farooq yelled out. Loud Pop.

    "It has been too long, IWT, too long! Now, I know what you're all thinking, just what have I been doing? My face hasn't been in movies, hasn't been on magazines, no more fashion magazines... So where has Farooq been?! I'll tell you!" He said, climbing onto to the turnbuckle, starring off to the crowd. "I've been conquering! I've been improving! No more movies, I wanted more, I wanted passion, I wanted: Wrestling!" Loud Pop.

    "Minor circuits, to international companies, I've pushed myself! To the top of each one, I wanted a challenge, I wanted a challenged that could satisfy no other, but them, those companies couldn't satisfy me. I wanted to come to the best, to the greatest wrestling organization in the WORLD!" Loud Pop. "The best organization, with the best fans!" "Farooq! Farooq! Farooq!" Farooq waited for the crowd to die down before continuing, "So I came back, home. I came back, with a prophecy, one that I found out long ago. That I, am the greatest, that I, am the Lord of Wrestling, a God in this sport!" Mixed reaction, most confused.

    "You don't think so? Think about it. Do I ever take cheap shots? No. Foot on the ropes? Nope. Interference? Nada. Know how I win? Submission, pinfall! The real way a competitor should be! Do I lose? Sometimes. What do I do? Improve and beat the hell out of the man, who dared to give me that L! With a..." He rose his hand in the air, raising each finger as he counted: "One!" "One!" "Two!" "Two!" "Three!" "Three!" Loud pop.

    Farooq stood in the center, with a smirk planted on his lips. "But enough of me, I know what everyone wants. They want to see the return of Farooq, in action!" He spoke, pointing to the stage. "That's why I am issuing personally, a open challenge!" Loud pop. "Anybody who thinks they can step in the ring with the most talented, most attractive, most tactical being in this company, then come out here! Challenge me! Challenge, the Lord! Though... Maybe the locker room lost that fire. I doubt anyone would have the courage to come out here, and try to prove me wrong." He spoke with a smirk.
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    TUMBAS Indie Wrestler Donor D-Generation X


    -Suddenly the theme of Dick Fagget begins to play. After a short, suspenseful wait, Dick springs out from the curtain lathered in baby oil reflecting light off his increasingly large gut-

    Listen here my brotha'. I know what its like to be hated on 'cos our skin colour and shieeet. 'Nawmsayin? I used to be called, Mr IWTMania. I was the God of IWT. I was, the Big Guy. But even throughout all my efforts, all my years in IWT. I simply couldn't stop this place from dying. And worst of all, it was all my fault...

    -Dick then brings himself back to the room after losing his trail of thought, in an over dramatic fashion-

    But Tyreek. I'm afraid to tell you that I have finally wronged my mistake. I finally did what had to be done...
    You say this place has lost its fire? Well thats true. Because I finally killed the Demon. I ended his path of destruction. All he ever wanted to do was spite me. My own flesh and blood!

    -The audience gasp at the announcement-

    Oh, you act like it wasn't obvious. We both have incredible physiques. But mine is better clearly, because I killed him with my bare hands while fucking smoked on some meth. That little shit, I crowned him as the Spawn Of Fagget. He never respected that damn title. I could of made him a superstar like me. An IWT hall of famer and legend. But he had to get in my way, talking about stupid shit like school, toys and sleeping. He was weak! Weak then, and weak now. It's not the first beating that little bastard got, but its certainly his last.

    Which means bad things for you Darnell.

    -Dick now begins to growl like a dog as he shadow boxes a quick series of jabs at Farooq's direction from the top of the stage-

    Your lucky I just had a double bean bag burrito or I would already but an ass whooping on you just like yo mama do! You understand the lingo blood? See this aint no disrespect fool. This aint no racism either homie. I listen to Immortal technique bro. But I just cleaned up the streets, you feel me? With Spawn gone, this place will flourish, and I will be the one leading the front!

    Fun fact! If it was a dick measuring contest, I would win. Even if you are urban gentleman.

    -Dick then begins fumbling around at his genitals in an attempt to get an erection to display. Security quickly shuffle in from the sides as they frantically try to wrap a towel around his waist. Dick ignores them, completely oblivious and stuck in his own world continues to berate Farooq-

    I accept the challenge, but just know. You came to me asking for this. You begged for the best in the world to step down from his truck cabin and stop fucking the hundreds of women, that I don't want to, but have to sleep with. You poked the bear, and Big Daddy has come out of hibernation and is hungry.

    I'm not gonna suck your dick, thats homo. I meant it as in I would really like to punch your square in the nose, but it sounds more clever if you relate it to an animal. And bears are pretty fucking rad! Hey wait a minute-

    -Dick then begins to slap the air around him as he takes a cautious stance-

    You using black magic on me? I bet your in my head right now aren't you. You probably know where im going to go before me right?

    -Dick then leaps to his left with complete utter focus and dire need to survive, as he shrieks in pain-

    Damn, he has put some sort of voodoo on me...

    You win this time Jamal, but next time your black magic wont save you from the fucking beat down!

    -Dick then flexes his body like a weightlifter, with great strain on his body as his whole face turns red before he marches back behind the curtain, leaving everyone speechless. As always...-
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  3. Cortana

    Cortana Undisputed IWT World Champion Super Moderator The Four Horsemen

    "..." Farooq shrugged his shoulder. "Guess I got myself an opponent."
  4. Dat Kid

    Dat Kid Indie Wrestler IWT Creative D-Generation X

    What is that fucking titantron @TUMBAS
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