Opinion The Attitude Era was detrimental to wrestling


Il Capitano
Sep 29, 2017
United States of America
One of the common measuring sticks in wrestling, today, is the Attitude Era. The Attitude Era is the be-all end-all tape measure for how good an angle, storyline, character, show, crowd, title, logo, announcer and just about anything in wrestling is. This mentality has sucked the life out of both wrestling promotions and the industry, as a whole.

When the criteria for how good something is so economically, socially and unrealistically attainable, the product suffers. When the crowd is looking for something akin to a no-holds barred era from 2 decades ago, it's gonna cripple any and all angles that don't cater to that.

For instance, Reigns using fake blood instead of blading in that angle against Triple H. It was shat on for having fake blood rather than Reigns slicing himself for the real effect, something that became a popular activity in WWE's bubble in the late 90s.

Anywho, this attitude is a detrimental effect of careless booking. It falls in-line with the analogy of the fish and the fishing rod. WWE's struggle, apparently, warranted swift responses by hashing out all tricks in an effort to tip the tide in their favor.

It definitely helped in the short term, but they've suffered greatly since. They see a fraction of the same audience, a fraction of the same reviews and a fraction of the same enthusiasm.

I think the overall message is that The Attitude Era was booking suicide, but instead of ruining a promotion, it ruined an industry. Companies, left and right, try to capture the same audience with the same out-landish tactics. They try to reel in the same enthusiasm by using the same re-hashed ideology.

It's left a indelible mark on pro-wrestling, for the worse. It's hard to imagine the stain of the Attitude Era washing away, as evident by "What?" chants being heard all around the country some 16 years after it was first introduced.

My name is Brian Mandela and that was my hot take.


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D-Generation X
Sep 30, 2017
Ruthless Agression best era


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D-Generation X
Oct 2, 2017
Summer of Punk was the best time ever and if you disagree you should watch TNA