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2019 The 2019 Royal Rumble

Discussion in 'WWE Pay-Per-View Archive' started by Davey Wrestling, Nov 25, 2018.

  1. Davey Wrestling

    Davey Wrestling Stardust Genius Section Moderator


    I know we're a while off yet, but the Royal Rumble has always been my favourite WWE show of the year and it deserves a damned good build up!

    So, lets get the ball rolling. Who do you think will this years Rumble match (both of 'em)? We all know that Asuka won the first ever women's match last year, but the male event is now on version 33 (including the Greatest Royal Rumble Match, which was a Rumble and should never be forgotten for Titus O'Neil reasons, so I have included below)- here's a few stats to get the thought process going:

    Over 32 matches we have had 25 unique winners. This includes one double winner in 1994 when both Lex Luger and Bret Hart hit the floor at the same time.

    Of those 25 unique winners, 7 have won the match more than once, with one man only (Steve Austin) managing the feat 3 times.

    Of those 7 multi-time winners (Batista, Hogan, Cena, Orton, Michaels, Austin and Triple H) three have won in back-to-back years (Hogan in 90 & 91, HBK in 95 & 96 and Austin in 97 & 98)

    The longest gap between Rumble wins goes to Triple H, who picked up the honours in 2002 and then again in 2016.

    And the reason for those multi-man stats: of the 25 individuals to win a Royal Rumble match there are currently six wrestling on the active roster (Randy Orton, Shinsuke Nakamura, Braun Strowman, Sheamus, Rey Mysterio, Brock Lesnar), three that are semi-active (Triple H, John Cena and the Undertaker) and the unlikely but never say never of a just returned Shawn Michaels.

    And why is this interesting? Well, the bigger/older stars tend to enter the Rumble match with a higher entry number and, as the graph below indicates - even after we take out the anomalies of the over-size matches (the 40 man match in 2011 and the 50 man match from April this year) the winning entry number is trending from further and further back in the entrance order.


    And maybe this means nothing, but with WWE still being over-reliant on the older generation, maybe it means something...

    So PWFers - what are your (early!) thoughts on the 2019 Royal Rumble? Who do you think is gonna win? Will anybody ever go coast-to-coast ever again?
  2. Swamps

    Swamps Indie Wrestler

    Mr. Perfect should have won in 1990, but Mr Hogan's ego got in the way. He was the right choice for 1991 though.

    Anyway, right now I don't know who I would pick. Everything seems so up in the air. If its Braun and Brock at the Royal Rumble, I see Rollins winning since they're high on him at the moment. However, I could see Drew or The Miz picking up a win.
  3. Blue

    Blue Rookie

    It's hard to say, honestly.

    On one hand you have Braun Strowman, but he's not getting the reigns yet. On the other hand, you have Drew Galloway who seems to be getting groomed. I think Galloway is likely to win it, just because they need someone to fit the top bill. Reigns being out and Rollins being an upper-midcarder, there's only about 2-3 people on the RAW roster that can believably fight Lesnar. Reigns, Strowman and Galloway. Everyone of them have been destroyed multiple times. I think it's about the right time to give Galloway the reigns and have be the face or the tweener heel against Lesnar.

    As for women, I think it's obvious that Charlotte is gonna win this one. They're building her up, and likely are going to have her change over to RAW to face Rousey at Mania. I've heard rumors that it's going to be a Main Event too. I'm fine with that match-up, but it's going to need some serious build for it to be a main event over the likes of Lesnar, Styles and others.

    Drew Galloway for Mens
    Charlotte Flair for Womens
  4. Roadster

    Roadster Il Capitano Administrator

    Early Royal Rumbles weren't really all that big a-deal. They seemed to pick up steam in 1992 when the title was on the line and later the winner got the opportunity to face the champion.

    Also I highly doubt Miz is going to win. He seems forever relegated to the upper midcard, and is probably gonna face off against Shane or some shit.
  5. Swamps

    Swamps Indie Wrestler

    Technically, the 91 winner ( Hogan) got a title shot. Although the stipulation didn't happen until 93. 91 was at least used to build a story line.
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  6. Morton Downey Jr

    Morton Downey Jr Indie Wrestler

    Can't be worse than this year

    Asuka and Nakamura? Shit
  7. Davey Wrestling

    Davey Wrestling Stardust Genius Section Moderator

    So, up until his injury it looks like WWE were setting Strowman up for a Rumble title match (or, they could have had him screwed at TLC, destroy Corbin at the Rumble and then get Brock at Mania).

    However, injured he is - what would be the thoughts on keeping him off tv and then making a "surprise" return in the Rumble match?
  8. Morton Downey Jr

    Morton Downey Jr Indie Wrestler

    Strowman should win it.

    Unless they get Batista back
  9. Zigglesboy

    Zigglesboy Rookie

    Gotta go with the monster Strowman here. Can see Rollins or Drew taking the W tho
  10. Morton Downey Jr

    Morton Downey Jr Indie Wrestler

    Rollins is shit
  11. Davey Wrestling

    Davey Wrestling Stardust Genius Section Moderator

    So, this is just a rumour but could well also be a spoiler, so read at your own risk...

    The Rock was gonna win the Rumble and face Reigns at Mania. Until recent events that is. We could still get Rock vs Brock...
  12. chrisburr

    chrisburr Trainee

    Here is my current predicted Card for Right Now (Subject to Change as always)

    Winners in BOLD!

    10 (Main Event Match) 2019 WWE Women's Royal Rumble Match

    Prediction: Kairi Sane wins by last eliminating Asuka (Kairi Sane chooses to go after The RAW Women's Champion at Wrestlemania 35!)

    Want: An Asian Woman winning with at least The Final 3 Being all Asian Women!

    Kairi Sane
    -Wins the RAW Women's Championship at Wrestlemania 35 wether Heel, Face or Tweener

    -Avenges the loss at last years Wrestlemania and wins the Smackdown Women's Championship at Mania wether heel, face, or Tweener

    Io Sharai
    -NXT Women's Champion at Wrestlemania weekend

    9 2019 WWE Men's Royal Rumble Match

    Samoa Joe wins by last eliminating Finn Balor (Samoa Joe turns face and challenges a heel Daniel Bryan for the belt at Wrestlemania 35!)

    Want: Someone to win their first royal rumble as long as its not a heel Miz!

    This one is truly up in the air and up for grabs, I expect all of the titles to change hands at Wrestlemania 35!

    8 Women's Champion v Champion Street Fight
    "Rowdy" Ronda Rousey (WWE RAW Women's Champion) v "The Man" Becky Lynch (WWE SMACKDOWN LIVE Women's Champion)

    Prediction: "The Man" Becky Lynch wins by Submission

    Want: "The Man" Becky Lynch to absolutely crush and demolish Ronda Rousey in convincing fashion

    Becky Lynch
    -Should keep the belt until Wrestlemania 35, and then drop it to Asuka, but Becky Lynch remains in the mix and a top heel!

    Ronda Rousey
    -Let's hope this is the beginning of the end, I'm not sold on her, I think she falls back to earth in 2019 and loses the title way before mania, then dos not win a match in 2019 and leaves WWE after losing at Wrestlemania 35! (I think she gets exposed by Becky Lynch at the royal rumble)

    7 WWE Universal Championship No Holds Barred Match
    "The Beast" Brock Lesnar (c) w/Paul Heyman v "The Monster Among Men" Braun Strowman

    Prediction: Braun Strowman wins by Submission via Brock Lesnar's own Kamura Lock to win the WWE Universal Championship, and a Double-Turn Occurs as Paul Heyman betrays Brock Lesnar siding with Braun Strowman, turning Braun Strowman heel and Brock Lesnar face!

    Want: Braun Strowman to win the title, a double turn to occur and Brock Lesnar beats up Paul Heyman and splits.

    Braun Strowman
    -will be a top heel champion and probably keep it until mania, where Seth Rollins or Samoa joe or Finn Balor wins it from him. Braun will continue being a monster

    Brock Lesnar
    -His heel run and partnership with Paul Heyman has gotten old, I like him better as a face, he needs to be freshen up. After Wrestlemania 35, I think he hangs it up!

    6 WWE Championship Six-Man Ladder Match:
    Daniel Bryan (c) w/Brie Bryan
    v "The Phenominal" AJ Styles v The Miz v Rey Mysterio v John Cena v Rusev (WWE United States Champion) w/Lana

    Prediction: Daniel Bryan retains the WWE Championship by Grabbing the belt with help from his wife Brie Bryan

    Want: Now that he is a full fledged face, A Rusev upset win (Yeah I know, wishful thinking, but it be nice) though I know it won't happen here :)

    Daniel Bryan
    -Honestly, I was never that really big on Daniel Bryan as a face, but I love him as a crazy heel, and this heel turn is long long overdue and should have happened at several times. Now pair his wife (who is also a heel) with him and there you go. He will probably keep the belt until Wrestlemania 35, where I think Seth Rollins or a face turned Samoa joe will win. He will continue to be a top heel!

    AJ Styles
    -AJ Styles is just AJ Styles, I do not think he regains the title but will be a constant on whichever brand he is on and will be a big part of Wrestlemania 35!

    The Miz
    -Turn Face or retire, I'm sorry to say this, but I think Miz is the worst wrestler male or female on the roster on any brand, only time I liked him was as a face! I think turning face is the only way to save what little left he has of his career! The eternal jobber! And maryse hasn't amounted to anything much since her return(which likely was a mistake!) unless he turns face, I think 2019 is likely the end of his wrestling career!

    John Cena
    -2019 should be John Cena's last year as a wrestler, his time has ended, he will never win another title ever again. Wrestlemania 35 should be the ride into the sunset, and then Cena becomes a member of the board and a first ballot hall of famer!

    Rey Mysterio
    -I'm glad he is back in WWE where he belongs, with that said, I just don't see him winning another title ever again, and he should hang up his boots after Wrestlemania 35 and be a first ballot hall of famer. Like Cena, Triple H, Orton, Angle, etc... He has nothing left to prove!

    -I think he will do better as a face than a heel, he will win the big belt someday, but maybe not this year, I expect him and Lana to be a part of mania and maybe win :)

    5 WWE Intercontinental Championship Last Man Standing Match
    "The Lunatic Fringe" Dean Ambrose (c)
    V "The Architect/The Kingslayer" Seth Rollins
    Special Guest Referee: Renee Young
    Stipulation 1: If Dean Ambrose wins, Seth Rollins will not get another WWE Intercontinental Title Shot as long as Dean Ambrose is Champion!
    Stipulation 2: The Loser of this match is guaranteed a spot into the 2019 WWE Men's Royal Rumble Match!

    Prediction: Dean Ambrose wins via Countout to Retain the WWE Intercontinental Championship thanks to his wife Renee Young turning heel on Seth Rollins and helping her husband

    Want: The Feud to come to an end and not feud again for at least 2 years, Dean Ambrose retaining and Renee Young turning heel to join him!

    Dean Ambrose
    -I expect him to keep it until Wrestlemania and be a top heel, Wrestlemania 35 is where I expect him to drop it.

    Seth Rollins
    -He has been a great intercontinental champion, but I think it's time for him to focus on the WWE Universal Championship and the Men's Royal Rumble Match

    4 WWE United States Championship Triple Threat Ladder Match
    Rusev (c) w/ Lana
    v Aiden English v Shinsuke Nakamura

    Prediction: Rusev retains the WWE United States Championship

    Want: Rusev to retain the WWE United States Championship

    -Yes I have Rusev coming in as US Champion and pulling double duty, I think sooner rather than later he holds a belt

    Aiden English
    -this guy is a joke, only reason he is in this match is to end the feud with Rusev, then aiden will likely be jobber food

    Shinsuke Nakamura
    -I think he needs to have a good 2019, 2018 was somewhat of a down year, but he can redeem it in 2019, though I don't think he wins a second straight rumble match!

    3 WWE Raw Tag Team Championship Hardcore Match:

    The Authors of Pain (c) w/ Draje Maverick
    v The B-Team

    Prediction: The Authors of Pain retain the WWE Raw Tag Team Championships by Squashing The B-Team! :(

    Want: As long as its an Epic close Match! (Though I'm afraid it won't be :()

    The Authors of Pain
    -Will keep it until Wrestlemania 35!

    The B-Team
    -Hopefully will be on the Wrestlemania 35 card in some capacity! But likely in a losing effort! :(

    2 WWE SMACKDOWN LIVE Tag Team Championship Triple Threat Final Encounter Match
    The Usos (c's) v The New Day v The Bar
    Stipulation: If The Bar DO NOT regain the WWE SMACKDOWN LIVE Tag Team Titles, Then The Bar Disbands!

    Prediction: The New Day win the WWE SMACKDOWN LIVE Tag Team Championships when Big E. Langston pins Jey Uso, thus forcing The Bar to disband with help from The Big Show turning face and getting Revenge on The Bar in disbanding them!

    Want: Any result that does not see The Bar walking out the champions, their heel run is stale and so is their title runs, and it's time to put both Cesaro and Sheamus both back in singles action as this will start a feud between the two.

    The Usos
    -It really does not matter who the champs are, these belts are likely changing hands every single title defense in 2019! That division is wide open and up for grabs! I think a new team wins at mania,

    The New Day
    -See The Usos! (Expect these titles to play musical chairs)

    The Bar
    -You know the Big Show is going to want Revenge, and I think it's time to break up The Bar! And build towards a Cesaro v Sheamus feud.

    1 (Pre-Show Match) WWE Cruiserweight Championship Invitational Battle Royale
    Buddy Murphey (c)
    Defends against all Cruiserweights

    Prediction: Buddy Murphey will probably retain.

    Want: A Cruiserweight to win their first ever title, but that's not likely until Wrestlemania 35!

    And that is my current royal rumble 2019 predictions as of this moment (Always subject to change)
  13. Cortana

    Cortana Undisputed IWT World Champion Super Moderator The Four Horsemen

    I'd like to see Big E getting the win and going for the big belt while Kofi and Xaiver aim for tag team gold tbh.
  14. Roadster

    Roadster Il Capitano Administrator

    Highly unlikely. It forces the New Day to become serious which kind of hurts their marketing.

    I'd imagine they're gonna toss in a surprise, but nothing too special. Just hope we don't get someone that has already won it.
  15. Jay-Niner

    Jay-Niner Trainee

    The Rumble winner will be...Kenny Omega!!! Something tells me that the WWE has him and the Bucks on board after that promo last night by all of the McMahons.
  16. Davey Wrestling

    Davey Wrestling Stardust Genius Section Moderator

    It would be one hell of a Rumble if Kenny Omega came out. And if he did come out, he'd have to win. With the help of the Bucks. At the expense of AJ Styles. And Finn Balor. Both of whom who would then team up with Gallows and Anderson to take on the Elite...
  17. Morton Downey Jr

    Morton Downey Jr Indie Wrestler

    WWE is already becoming an Indie wankfest for a niche audience.

    Why would they make it more so. Who gives a shit about the Young Bucks?
  18. Roadster

    Roadster Il Capitano Administrator

    Why watch if you hate it so much?
  19. Morton Downey Jr

    Morton Downey Jr Indie Wrestler

    I barely watch.

    I would if it improved.
  20. Davey Wrestling

    Davey Wrestling Stardust Genius Section Moderator

    Not much of an announced card so far:

    Mens Royal Rumble match
    Womens Royal Rumble match
    Brock vs Strowman for the Universal title
    Buddy Murphy defending the Cruiserweight title in a fourway (opponents tbd).

    I suppose the only real talking point so far other than the Rumble matches is Brock vs Strowman. So, is this where they take the title off Brock? If they don't put the title on Strowman here are they running the risk of having him at the top too long without pulling the trigger and having people loose interest in him? Can Strowman be a Mania main event if he wins the title? What do you think?

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