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Inactive Tepouri

Discussion in 'IWT Contracts' started by Dylan™, Oct 17, 2017.

  1. Dylan™

    Dylan™ Rookie

    Username: DylanTM

    You have read and agree to IWT Rules?: Yes (Again)

    Alignment (Face/Tweener/Heel): Tweener (primarily Heel, see below)

    Ring Name: Tepouri

    Hometown: Skull Valley, Arizona

    Height/Weight: 6'9, 281lbs

    Character Base/Appearance: Kevin Thorn

    Theme Song: Wonderful Wonderful - The Killers

    Brief Bio (Optional): "The Dark Seeker", a dark figure loved by some for his ominous nature and brutality. These followers make up his following, his cult, "The Dark Seekers". He is also hated by many for the exact same reasons, as well as his tendencies to target popular figures. He has an relentless need to make his opponents bleed, and he is believed to be more powerful with each victory: as he dips his finger into the blood of the defeated and mixes it into a black-liquid in his "Tuhinga", a black chalice though to be the source of his power. His one goal is to expand his cult to take over IWT.

    Accomplishments (Optional): None.

    Move Set:
    Hapa's Wrath - (Two-Handed Choke Bomb)
    The Nigrantum - (Rivera Cloverleaf)

    Plague Of Uira - (Red Mist)
    D.E.T | Darkness Embracement Therapy - (T-Bone Suplex)

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