Il Capitano
Sep 29, 2017
United States of America
There has been a few changes. I'll keep it short and simple. Most people probably already know, but whatever.

1.) Section Moderators -
Section moderators are people responsible of keeping sections active, keeping them clean and being in-charge of those sections. Current section moderators include @DK JAMES for the Sports section and @James for the International Wrestling section. If you have an idea or suggestion for those particular sections, contact them.

2.) Shout Box section -
I added a section called the Shout Box. The name is fairly irrelevent, but the idea is for that section to hold personal threads. Threads that ask about personal preferences, like pizza toppings, personal lives, like what job someone has, and other stuff like personal stories and interests.

3.) Awards -
I added, two new awards. One for sports and one for active new users. Fairly simple. I'm going to try and populate the awards so I'll be awarding a lot of them.