Storyline snickers


Oct 5, 2017
danny jacobs shakes around in the locker room


alias antonio: yo bro take a snickers

dj: ???

alias antonio: you become retarded \when your hungry

dj eats the snickers

Danny Jacobs looks in the mic, focused, ready to let his thoughts known to IWT.

Danny Jacobs:
''If there is one name that you think of when you think ''new era of IWT'', it is Danny Jacobs. If there is one person that has proven himself to be the cornerstone of this company, it is Danny Jacobs. If there is one person that is that IWT Championship in living form, it is Danny Jacobs. When Danny Jacobs dies, so does IWT. Danny Jacobs doesn't live without IWT, but don't be mistaken, IWT doesn't live without Danny Jacobs.''

''...I am here to continue the life cycle.''

''Lord Lee, Aids Johnson, Farooq... When you make a strike at the king's crown, you best bleed blue. You cannot make a silk purse from a sow's ear. You can't make this title yours. You can't make this company yours. It is mine already. Send all your bounty hunters after me but know that THE BIG GUY~! is priceless. New era, old era, newfags, oldfags, I ain't gotta look on my golden rolex to know that THE BIG GUY~! is timeless. I could be blind and I would still find my way to the top. I could still find my way to my crown, to my title, to my kingdom.''

Danny Jacobs laughs, and winks at the camera

''After all... It's in my blood.''

Danny Jacobs grabs a small blade out of his pocket, and starts cutting his forehead slightly open to reveal BLUE BLOOD dripping down out of the wound. Danny Jacobs laughs maniacally, as the blood falls on his tongue as the camera fades to black...