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Failure is not an option
Sep 29, 2017
If we rewind to Homecoming and look at what life has been like for IMPACT Wrestling World Champion Johnny IMPACT, one could see that life as Champion isn’t as easy or glamorous as we’d like to think it is. Especially right now because thanks to three men, it seems IMPACT is in the middle of an uprising, the Rise of the Villains. Johnny IMPACT has been one of the most fighting Champions in recent memory. It is exactly what Drew Galloway tried to do when he was IMPACT Champion and it might have cost Drew the title. At some point exhaustion sets in and you can’t escape it. Also, in IMPACT Wrestling in 2019, you have three men who are all very capable of taking the title away from Johnny IMPACT on any given night of the week. All three have proven that. All three are different and in their own unique way are the three most dangerous men walking planet earth. Killer Kross, Moose and Brian Cage.

Killer Kross
Mysterious and unique. Different and dangerous. A man who enjoys hurting people, a man who once made his living as a bare knuckle fighter in northern Canada, where the only rule is to survive. Killer Kross is calculated and waiting for the right opportunity to strike. At Homecoming he took out Taya Valkyrie just to send a message to Johnny IMPACT and the following Friday night, Kross choked out the Word Champion.

Killer Kross is running with Moose right now, but we think that given the right chance, Kross would love to destroy Moose, to put the big man down. Killer Kross isn’t in this sport to make friends, he is here to make money. The biggest reason Kross is here is to hurt people, after all he calls this the “hurt business” and for the man from Las Vegas, business is good.

Killer Kross is living inside the mind of Johnny IMPACT 24/7 right now.

While IMPACT isn’t thinking about Killer Kross he has got to be thinking about Moose. The former NFL Offensive Lineman just pinned the World Champion in a tag team match on Friday night and Moose is right in the thick of things. Many experts feel that Moose is one opportunity away from becoming Champion. He needs one more match and the title is as good as his. When will Moose get that chance? When will Moose face IMPACT or will it be Brian Cage who holds the gold when it is Moose’s turn to challenge for the title?

Brian Cage
Cage has the next chance at the Title. That happens at Uncaged on Feb. 15th in Mexico City, Mexico. This is the one on one match that Brian Cage has been looking for since Homecoming and it comes in less than 2 weeks. Can Cage capitalize on this chance? Can Brian Cage become World Champion? That fact that Cage has his match is the first thing he was looking for after Homecoming and now it will happen.

Three men all willing to do whatever it takes to win, whatever it takes to get the chance to win and whatever it takes to crush the spirit and dreams of Johnny IMPACT. The World Title will be on the line at Uncaged, then whoever wins that match will have to think about Moose and Killer Kross. Talk about an exciting time in IMPACT Wrestling. What will happen next?

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