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Impact Wrestling Ringside Images July 5th, 2018

Discussion in 'Indie Wrestling' started by Highspot, Jul 10, 2018.

  1. Highspot

    Highspot Failure is not an option Administrator

    Last Thursday has been called one of the best episodes of IMPACT in recent memory. The entire night was filled with action, drama, surprises and more. Let’s relive the epic night with these Ringside Images: IMPACT July 5th, 2018 now!

    How about the start to the night between Rich Swann and Fenix! A match that was epic. A contest that was evenly matched and when it ended we wanted to see more. However, at the conclusion of the match, oVe ran out and caused a scene. Dave and Jake Crist went after Fenix and along with Sami Callihan tried to rip the mask off the face of Fenix, this was after Sami posed as Pentagon Jr.! However the real Pentagon Jr. was in the house and it all lead to a wild showdown between the 6 athletes.


    The man known as Killer Kross made his in-ring debut this past Thursday night. Kross would go one on one with Fallah Bahh and this is after Kross laid out Fallah in the locker room area on IMPACT. KM promised to have the back of his friend, but would that be enough? The answer was no and Kross quickly secured a victory, but wasn’t done. Killer Kross wanted to continue to send a message to everyone that he isn’t to be messed with and went after a fallen Fallah. KM tried to get involved and that didn’t work. It finally took Petey Williams and a steel chair to stop Kross. Petey might have made a major mistake.


    At Slammiversary we will see Madison Rayne Challenge Su Yung for the Knockouts Championship. This past Thursday night it was Knockouts Tag Team action as Madison teamed with the returning Allie to face Su Yung and the Undead Maid of Honor. More like the Undead Maid of Horror! This match was back and forth and saw outside involvement from Tessa Blanchard who went after Madison Rayne who was saved by Allie. Did Allie pick the wrong fight? In the end, Madison connected with Cross Rayne to pick up the win for her team and more momentum towards Slammiversary.


    Speaking of Knockouts, did you know Katarina is a former Knockouts Champion? Her boyfriend Grado didn’t! Katarina was in action against Rebel on IMPACT.


    Konnan wanted the world to know he had his proof. Konnan was ready to tell and prove to the world that it was King who had him taken out back on April 22nd at Redemption. It all broke down from there. King admitted it, then demanded Santana and Ortiz pick a side and the boys told King NO! Santana and Ortiz picked Konnan and King had a back-up plan for that! King had Homicide and Hernandez waiting! The battle was on between these six!


    The Main Event of the evening was Monster vs. Machine. It was Kongo Kong vs. Brian Cage in a battle that saw Cage tested more than we have ever seen before, but in the end Brian Cage secured the victory!


    Now we know it will be Brian Cage vs. Matt Sydal at Slammiversary for the X-Division Championship. What will happen on the final 2 episodes of IMPACT before Slammiversary?

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