Storyline Rid your demons, lose your angels


Indie Wrestler
D-Generation X
Oct 2, 2017

IWT. It would appear we have both crawled out of the pits of Hell. Do you never learn? Or is it different this time. Perhaps through trial and error you managed to crack the code and sort your shit out. Is this IWT, the ultimate creation, superior to the success and failures of the past? Is it free of its demons? Did you not learn from the past Michael. Do you not remember? I remember dragging this place to my turf! I remember burning everything you held sacred. Did you think you could simply rebuild and reclaim without your demons?

Well lucky for you. As lucky as you can be, I am not here to burn this place down again. No, not yet atleast. I'm not really a man of my word. Quite frankly I was done with this place, I enjoyed my quiet rest. I could sleep easy knowing that IWT had finally died. But it would appear you are serious this time. The hunger is palpable. Anticipation is fueling the competition. So it seems I will not be resting anytime soon. And there is only one man in particular to blame.

Jack, Forte.

You signed a deal with the devil when you called out for a challenge. I could taste your soul from my throne. I couldn't resist. That fire, that energy. I had not tasted that in a long time. So I didn't come here to destroy IWT. This time, the big, bad monster, is the hero of the story. I'm not talking about talking off my mask or finding God. I want to feel that fire, and I don't want to be in nether realm next time I feel that power. I want to be right in front of it.

I'm just the same old demon, but this time I quite frankly want to play ball. If this is the start of a new ranking scheme, then I want to reap three points along with a soul. Or two... I am the one being built for the job. If you all want a challenge and want real competition, then I am the pain in your ass. Because if you cannot conquer your demons, then you will certainly, never be coming back again. I will fight my way to the top of the board. I will fight the elite, the very best.

Forte, you got a pass this one time, because you made me feel young again. That's it. Don't get any funny ideas. I'm not going soft. I put a date on your soul a long time ago. You will know when the end is coming. But until that day, I look forward to meeting you at the top of the score board. So many precious souls with such potential to flourish. IWT, how did you actually manage to do it...

So my first opponent. Regardless of whom they may be, they will be crushed under the foot of my boot! They will have to beat the demon Spawn! If everyone else is getting serious so will I. It's only fair that the locker room leader should lead by example after all. I look forward to doing this once again. Crushing the IWT lower card... Oh how I cannot wait to rip you in two and get it over with. Because as the fable goes. The demon will reach the top, using a pile of his foes...​
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