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Undisputed IWT World Champion
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Jul 22, 2018
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Farooq finished his laps, climbing out of the pool. He put on a white underarmor shirt, with his black swimming trunks and gold Gucci Flip-flops. He cracks his neck, taking a deep breath.

Farooq: "Finally. The man trying to strip another of a Championship and the spineless coward are stepping up. The greatest and most talented man to ever grace the wrestling business and Hollywood is going to cleanse the IWT of this trash dump building in the core of IWT's growth."

Farooq smirks, sitting down on a pool chair.

Farooq: "I can do this myself, yet I have one of the best in IWT in my corner. The real IWT Universal Champion. You want to know what makes a man like him special? He defends that Championship around the world, and you still want to take it off of him. In fact, I don't even think he needs my help. BUT! That's the thing. You handicapped yourselves. Instead of allowing one of us to dissect, dismantle and destroy your careers, you put us together."

Farooq laughs a bit, rubbing the back of his head shaking it slowly.

Farooq: "I just, out of all the wrestling promoters, the shaddy Hollywood businessmen, I never met anyone who screwed up this badly. Like damn, you guys did it... I mean look at Micheal. He hit a double whammy when he lost a mansion he couldn't even afford haha... Don't try to buy toys that belong to big boys kid."

Farooq took a deep breath, looking at the camera.

Farooq: "And lets discuss the shifting of IWT. The landscape is evolving, things can't be the same forever guys. And I would be a fool to not take part. This is the real aspect of the business, that has tried to hold me down. Hollywood, the IWT, holds us down. No longer, this time, we step up, we build greatness and we will build a legacy. Money, power, I got it all, and now, I take part in The Black Empire."

Farooq stood up, cracking his knuckles.

Farooq: "Now, I have more training to get to. Don't lose any sleep Micheal... While you're at home at Motel 6."