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NXTUK Takeover Blackpool

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Davey Wrestling, Dec 2, 2018.

  1. Davey Wrestling

    Davey Wrestling Stardust Genius Section Moderator


    NXT UK Takeover Blackpool was announced last week. It will be the first Takeover event from the NXT UK brand and to celebrate this little bit of history the show will emanate from The Empress Ballroom on January 12th, the very same venue where Tyler Bate was crowned the first NXT UK champion a little under two years ago.

    Announced matches (from the recordings, spoilers ahead!) so far:

    NXT UK Championship
    Pete Dunne [2nd C] vs Joe Coffey

    NXT UK Tag-Team Championship
    [Tournament Final]

    Moustache Mountain (Tyler Bate & Trent Seven)
    Grizzled Young Veterans (Zack Gibson & James Drake)

    NXT UK Womens Championship
    Reha Ripley [1st C] vs Toni Storm

    No Disqualification Match
    Eddie Dennis vs Dave Mastiff​

    Unfortunately the show is already sold out (I tried to get tickets the day after they went on sale :( ) but it's going to be on the network. If they follow the format of the regular NXT Takeovers then we're probably likely to see WALTER on this I think.

    Anybody else going to watch? Any thoughts?
  2. Roadster

    Roadster Il Capitano Administrator

    Dunne vs. Coffey yum
  3. Davey Wrestling

    Davey Wrestling Stardust Genius Section Moderator

    Just finished this show.

    You all need to watch it.

    This is what wrestling under the WWE banner can be and it was fucking fantastic.
  4. Davey Wrestling

    Davey Wrestling Stardust Genius Section Moderator

    Ok, longer version (In spoiler tags - if you haven't watched the show yet, you really should!)

    Moustache Mountain vs Gibson and Drake is the best tag-team match I've seen in recent memory (struggling to find anything in distant memory that comes close as well tbh). Bate and Seven are a great team and while I'm not sold on Drake, Gibson is probably the best heel in NXT (UK or normal NXT. And there aren't many on the main roster better either imo) and this was an excellent showing from both teams. I thought they might have gone with Moustache Mountain but, with what came later, it makes sense that they'd have to give Gibson a reason not to be in the NXT title picture for a while.

    Devlin vs Travis Banks. What. A. Pop!!! This was one of two matches on the show I wasn't looking forwards to. Luckily what we actually got was SO much better. As soon as Devlin said he was the greatest Irish wrestler around I think everybody expected what came next but, wow. The pop was HUGE. Not only that, but we actually got Prince Devitts in ring style instead of Finn Balor (so much harder hitting and just all around better than the guy that shows up on Raw). A good match that got Devlin over. The result was probably the right one in terms of Devlin still needing to improve but I couldn't have argued had they gone the other way either.

    Dave Mastiff vs Eddie Dennis the other match on the show I wasn't too bothered about watching. It was good enough, certainly better than I expected, but Eddie Dennis just isn't there yet for me. I should point out that other people actually thought this was really good, so maybe I'm in the minority with this one?

    Rhia Ripley vs Toni Storm after what's gone down with Storm on social media lately I'm wondering how much of that emotion at the start of the match was actually real? Either way, a good match with the person that should have been the 1st champ claiming the crown to become the second instead.

    Pete Dunne vs Joe Coffey This was New Japan main event level of awesome in my opinion. Sure there was 'the botch' but, that long into a gruelling match with both guys exhausted, it just added to the realism for me. Should they have tried it again? Probably not. But it certainly didn't take away from what got us there. Coffey has a bit of a rep for not being the greatest in ring wrestler but you couldn't say that here. Both guys were awesome.

    And then of course, we get the post credits scene with WALTER making his debut and taking out Dunnes most credible threat to this point with one massive boot to the face and setting himself up as THE guy that Dunne has to overcome.

    I honestly can't overstate how much I enjoyed this show, or how good I think it was. I can't remember the last time a main roster show was this good. I think it was better than the majority of regular NXTs recent Takeovers and, I can see and argument for saying this was better, match for match, than this years WrestleKingdom...

    Awesome stuff!

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