Storyline Nothing Personal


Nov 23, 2018
Lucas Wheeler, IWT's backstage correspondent, and Andrew Fraser are seated across from eachother in the locker room. Fraser has his long hair tied up, wearing a black wifebeater, and with both his UK Light Heavyweight Championship and Scottish National Championship flung over his shoulders.

(Wheeler) Welcome ladies and gentlemen, and thank you for joining us while we get to know IWT's newest star, Andrew Fraser. First off, Andrew, thank you for joining us...

(Fraser) It's a pleasure...

(Wheeler) Well lets being...what brought you to the IWT?

Fraser looks down and lets out a scoffing laugh

(Fraser) What brought me to the IWT? I conquered the United Kingdom, I conquered Scotland, England, Wales, Northern Ireland, Jersey, the Virgin Islands, the whole fucking realm...I'm the King of the Commonwealth, so what do I have left to prove? I've proven my medal in the UK, I was a Loch Ness Monster in rainy was time I made a move to an ocean, full of sardines and bloaters, ripe for the picking. I came to the United States, and the IWT to test myself. It's cliche to say that I wanted a new challenge, but it's only the truth when Andrew Fraser says so...take that how you wish.

(Wheeler) Do you think your skills and background will transfer over, knowing the stylistic differences?

Fraser looks up at Lucas with pure anger

(Fraser) Stylistic differences? Wheeler, let me give you an update...this is professional wrestling, you beat someone down, mentally, physically- and you pin their lifeless bodies for a victory. You do it long enough, you get a title, you get a title - you get a pay raise. It's a simple game, and I've just so happened to showcased my medal in the toughest wrestling territory in the fucking world. I've come here to do it again.

(Wheeler) You made your surprise debut answering John Earnshaw's IWTMania challenge, why did you decide to make your debut at that moment?

(Fraser) Like I said, I'm was a Loch Ness in puddle of rain water. I've thrived and proven myself by eating the sardines, the little critters crawling through the murk. I've merely chosen Earnshaw because he's the weakest link, and I'm the hierarchy in the food chain. I'll send Earnshaw into extinction merely to mark my territory, as a matter of fact, I may just take a warm, hot piss on him when I'm done.

(Wheeler) Do you have any personal issues with Earnshaw?

(Fraser) It's not personal, I'm the apex predator of the IWT and I'm sensing a wounded, young little gazelle. He's merely the jobber that's brought into let me make my statement. He's not serious competition, I wouldn't file my nails with his callus, I'm just going to use him and when I'm done - he can go play with the rest of the kids in this company.

(Wheeler) Do you think that you might be underestimating your opponent?

(Fraser) There isn't an element of underestimation, Wheeler. He is the enhancement talent, a useless little fuck, and I'm the two division, two company champion. I'm the Light Heavyweight Champion of the entire United Kingdom, I'm the ambassador of all Scottish wrestling with this Scottish National Championship. What has Earnshaw accomplished? He jumped around Kansas City for a year, a year and a half? He's nothing, he has nothing to compete for - I'm the man, the predator and he's the prey. I'm doing him a favor, at the very least he'll be the very first victim scribed into my history book, a history book that will only be expanding for the foreseeable future.

(Wheeler) But Earnsh-

Fraser suddenly slaps the notes out of Lucas Wheeler's hands...

(Fraser) Let me stop you right there, I'm sick and tired of you trying to pester me into respecting that kid. He's a jobber, enhancement talent, and nothing more. After my match, I'll send him straight back to Northern Ireland and i'll go on to kill the rest of this company. That's your answer, your scoop, your interview...this interview is done.

Fraser begins to take off his microphone and walks out of the room, standing besides the doors are his cornermen. He hands them each a title and they begin to walk down the hall when suddenly John Earnshaw runs into them...

(Earnshaw) I haven't had a chance to welcome you to the IWT... *Earnshaw sticks out his hand* ... so welcome to the IWT

Fraser laughs, looks at his cornermen in amusement and shakes his hand

(Fraser) ...Thanks, kid

Earnshaw lets out a chuckle and smiles at Fraser and turns away to walk away when suddenly Fraser and his cornermen pounce on Earnshaw. Fraser lands a massive forearm on the back of Earnshaw's neck, as his cornermen continue to stomp Earnshaw. Fraser gets into full mount and begins laying away on Earnshaw - he grabs Earnshaw by the head and lays heavy punches. Fraser steps up and walks off shot and returns with a thick chain, taken off the garage lift. Earnshaw begins to struggle to his feet and crouches in pain when Fraser winds up and lets out a lash of the chain on Earnshaw's back. Earnshaw lets out a terrifying scream and squirms on the ground as Fraser's cornermen hold him down for 3 more whips of the chain. Earnshaw's back develops massive bruising and blood. Fraser crouches down, face to face with a grounded Earnshaw...

(Fraser) It's nothing personal, kid... *Fraser lets out a laugh whilst trying to catch is breath, he steps up and walks away with his cornermen as the referees pour in, to assist Earnshaw*



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Sep 29, 2017
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OOC: Turned out great, look forward to facing you bro.