Storyline New Era....SAME OLD SHIT?


Oct 4, 2017

(This video promotion has been posted to youtube via the AidsJohnson channel on the 18th day of December, in the year 2018. This is a promotion of the Aidsey brand, TM 2012)

The video package starts, with the audience gasping in horror as Gambino's face has been deepfaked to now look like Dat Kid. As the song begins further and the gasping slows, Aids Johnson struts out smiling ear to ear before posing at the ramp in an empty arena FILLED with fake cheering. A large choir comes strutting out, covering Aids up as he disappears into the crowd while they fill the entire ramp, leaving the ring empty.

4 years later, the cockroaches finally have claimed the home they failed, festered, and now filled. Farooq has finally claimed the Iron Throne....nearly empty and without a fanbase to actually care...and now Dat Kid has taken the seat as the honest to God "god" of IWT? Is this the final casket match for IWT, and I wasn't invited?

DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM!? This is a roster that has been assembled as the most pathetic that IWT has seen since it's inception...and I'll be DAMN!ed if I am not the one that puts the final nail into this continual coffin we find the IWT placed in.

Dat Kid. Jono. Michael. Brita/catmemes....there has been no real IWT without Aids. Accept it, because whether you like it or not....This has been MY disease and MY home since I took it over, nearly 7 years ago. The IWT is Aids, because there is no IWT without Aids.

I'll take my title shot now.

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