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Debate Nationalism

Discussion in 'Personal, Serious, Interests & Debates' started by Roadster, Sep 8, 2018.

  1. Roadster

    Roadster Il Capitano Administrator

    What's your opinion on nationalism?

    I think it's the lowest form of tribalism, possible. Finding pride is being from the same patch of land as someone who's successful is like buying a candy that you saw your favorite celebrity eating on TMZ.

    I can, partially, understand it in a nation state like Serbia or Hungary - but even then, it's the most sadistic form of tribalism, but American "nationalism" is such oxymoron that it hurts.

    America's only value is individuality, and nationalism is the complete opposite of that. You can support individuality, without being nationalistic, but you can't support individuality whilst also being nationalistic. The only basis for being American is not disturbing the peace. To say it's anything else is just glorification in a sad attempt to fit in with a group.

    Imposing laws that standardize nationalism like an official language, standing for the flag, or other nonsensical mandates are anti-American, to the core. Any American that promotes any sort of group collective strays from the foundation of American principals.

    I don't have a problem when people feel that the old-American approach of individuality is broken, and therefore seek other ideas and approaches by advocating for a collective, but often the "nationalists" are the ones advocating for a purer form of American law, and they do so by pushing a "collective for the individual" paradox that does nothing but alienate and stray farther from their beloved doctrine.

    It's ironic that the people that want to go back to American roots are so unaware that they, themselves, are stepping all over the thing they "love" so dearly.
  2. TNHBrah

    TNHBrah Rookie

    This quote sums it up pretty well.

    "Nationalists see their country/leader like a child sees his mother:

    Mommy is perfect. Mommy is never wrong. Mommy only murdered that man in cold blood because he deserved it. If you say Mommy did something wrong then you are the wrong one. Mommy will protect me from anything bad.

    Patriots see their country as a loving parent sees their child:

    I love my country and I will sacrifice to make sure my country is the best it can be. I will be critical and stern if my country takes actions or is becoming a country I do not want it to be. I would die for my country. I will try to limit the negative influence of people who are trying to lead my country down a bad path."
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  3. Roadster

    Roadster Il Capitano Administrator

    I think the biggest difference between Nationalism and Patriotism is that Patriotism has nothing to do with political doctrine.

    Nationalists have a political undertone whilst patriots may or may not, necessarily, have a political belief that lies with the country they're patriots of.

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