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Discussion in 'Internet Wrestling Titles' started by TUMBAS, Jul 25, 2018.

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    TUMBAS Indie Wrestler Donor D-Generation X

    -The scene begins in a dark room in the IWT arena. Mysterious figures are murmuring to each other in the pitch black as they fumble around each other. Suddenly the door springs open as light breaches along with it. The room lights up as terrorists are found trying to plant a bomb. The figure who opened the door lights a cigar. His red bandana wrapped around his head-

    Look what we got here. Bunch of infidels hey?

    -The terrorists spring up as they rip off their jackets revealing more bombs. Dick Fagget simply pounces through the air as he uses a crane stance to poke out the eyes of one of the terroists. The blind man screams in pain as Dick karate chops another one in the shoulder as he drops to the ground, dead-

    Hey ISIS, welcome to America.

    -Dick now has an M249 in his hands as he sprays down the terrorist with at least 500 rounds. The smoke settles as Dick steps out of the room. Hundreds of fans and dozens of super hot chicks were waiting to touch the Big Daddy-

    Thank you, thank you. Ladies and gentlemen, I have killed ISIS. It's all over now.

    -The crowd gasps before cheering in the halls, suddenly a voice cries out-

    Mr Fagget, may I have a word?

    -Everyone turns around as is gobsmacked at who they see, as his own theme music begins to play as he pushes his way through the crowd and stands before Dick after his valiant deed-

    Mr President! As a fellow rich white man I have to say its quite the honor. I'm used to seeing you on the tv. Why are you here Mr Trump?

    Please, call me Donald. Mr Fagget. I am here to award you for killing the mucs muslim, ending ISIS for us. I would like to make you, Mr America.

    -Trump then shakes hands with Dick before pulling him in. Dick locks eyes with the president as he now pulls Donald in. Both man ensue a tug of war before they call it a draw-

    Is there anything you would like to say to the people of America, after ending ISIS by yourself?

    I got one thing I want to say to someone. LaRon! You said some mean things that hurt my feelings. You said I was a kid. You said you were gonna beat me up cos your nuthin but a plain ol bully. You been a bully ever since we was in high school together. I'd recognize that urban half-fro anywhere. I know what your thinking. Shit, this honkey gon drop a diss track one me fool.

    But I just wanted to tell you here an now. As Mr America, that I will not be losing our IWT title match. And I am sure as hell not going to shaving my head on that night. It will be you! Because my blood is red, white and blue baby. I am 100% mustang and 50% native american. That means I am 150% American. So you may be an african-american. But that means you are 50-50 American. So you stand no chance against me.

    It's time I make America great again! And it starts by ending the oppression of the white man! You think you can invade our country and try to slaughter our people? You monsters. I say enough is enough and I am leading the fight. My country depends on me, and IWT depends on me. You might be out there in Africa down by the watering hole, but I am gonna be in the gym! Lifting heavy American things! If you thought my physique was incredible now- Just you wait...

    -Dick then drops the mic as The president of the united states claps alongside the swarm of fans and personal.
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    TUMBAS Indie Wrestler Donor D-Generation X

  3. Cortana

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    //Well damn, no one can beat that dick
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