Serious Morality


Il Capitano
Sep 29, 2017
United States of America
What's morality?

Not the literal definition, but what defines morality, in general. What makes something moral, and I think that extends beyond, "how you were raised" because the question is asking about the root of the moral value added to an action.



The Creator
The Four Horsemen
Sep 30, 2017
Buffalo, NY
Morality only has a lil bit to do with how you were raised. Yeah, your parents can have an impact on how you view certain things, but imo it's your friends that really have an impact.

It's like even as a kid in school, depending on the group you're around you're gonna be influenced by their opinions (most of which probably comes from their parents) or even as an adult, your friend group will have an impact on how you see the world.

Morality is just not being a shitty person haha I don't think there's any other way to put it for me. It's about knowing what's right and wrong and regardless of your parents or friends thoughts.

It's like you can be a racist, homophobic piece of shit. I'll accept your opinion and move on knowing your morals are trash. I think it's pretty universally known at this point in our history that you should be able to be open to all different types of people and cultures and if you can't, I usually assume you're not the best person for me.

The lines between "right and wrong" almost comes down to nothing but opinions. But there is a clear right and a clear wrong when it comes to a lot of social morals. What's right to some people might be completely wrong to others. But at least I think there's a clear line between them. Maybe cause I have good morals? idk.

This is actually a good question cause it's got me thinkin, but I think it just comes down to being a good person. Accepting everyone (and their shit opinions) and staying around those that replicate your moral compass is important.