Storyline Make God Great Again


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Jul 22, 2018
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"We luv dat dere Dick!! Dick Fagget gonna kill you!!" "Ya gonna get urs!!" Two of Dick Fagget's supporters came face to face with Farooq. Attempting to break IWT ChampION free, but Farooq's followers prevented them. Farooq stood at the alter, his eyes closed and his arms raised. "Release them." Farooq spoke. His flowers, those dressed in the robes of black looked at each other. As requested, they released the prisoners. "Leave." Farooq spoke, his followers listening.

"Aight dere! U gonna get urs!! Dick will be proud of us!" "Yee!! Let get 'em cus!!" The two lunged to the alter. Farooq quickly moved to the left, dodging one, and grabbing the others arm. He flipped him onto the floor, then punched the standing one in the face. Farooq locked the down one in an armbar, making him tap and scream. He jumped up, receiving a kick from the other. He held his stomach in pain, soon the other grabbing his leg. Farooq stepped on the down cousin's hand, headbutting the other. The standing cousin landed on a chair, groaning in pain.

Farooq ripped off his shirt, wiping the sweat off of his forehead. Suddenly two more supporters ran in. The other two slowly made their way to their feet, Farooq now surrounded. "Now buddy, if ya surrender IWT ChampION, we leave ya alone..." Farooq kicked over the alter, a bound IWT ChampION was hidden in there. The four men gasp, as Farooq turned to them. "Only if I get my championship." He spoke.

"GET EM!!!" Two of the supporters charged at Farooq. He blocked one punch going to the face, but took the body shot. One held him back, but he simply kneed the other in the stomach. One more charged at Farooq, punching him in the face. Farooq growled, flipping over the man holding him back, and kicking the other on the face. The man who was hit before charged again at Farooq. Farooq grabbed his arm and put him in an armbar. He broke the man's arm, jumping up. He was hit on his back by the fourth supporter.

The two supporters grabbed hold of Farooq, holding him down. He took another shot to the chest, groaning. The supporter swung again, but Farooq pulled in one of the supporter's holding him. The man took the shot, and Farooq used the shock to attack the other. Headbutting him onto the bottom of his chin. The man with the pipe was now forced to fight Farooq. Farooq charged, dodging the swings from the other man.

Farooq punched the other with a uppercut, then went for a knee to the stomach. He grabbed the man, and then executed the Moonwalk DDT. As the man screamed in pain, he locked the sharpshooter onto him. The man passed out, unable to be conscious from Farooq's onslaught. Farooq grabbed the pipe, then IWT ChampION and ran outside. In the horizon there was pickup trucks for miles to see. "Do it." With the voice of Farooq, suddenly an explosion too place. His entire temple began to take flight, and the land around it. Defense towers that surrounded the church was filled with Farooq's followers who were put as defense. Farooq's church flew far beyond anywhere the supporters could chase them. He looked at the "Make America Great Again" hat that one of the supporters dropped near the entrance. "Heh... More like... Make God Great Again."

Farooq looked off into the distance. "The only way you're getting this man Dick Fagget, is if you defeat God. I /will/ get my United States championship back. Praise. The. Lord."​