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Undisputed IWT World Champion
Super Moderator
The Four Horsemen
Jul 22, 2018
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Alignment (Face/Tweener/Heel): Face

Ring Name: "Lord of Wrestling" Farooq

Hometown: San Diego, California

Height/Weight: 5"11/ 190 lbs.

Character Base/Appearance:

Theme Song:
Move Set (Optional): Dropkick, armbar, boston crab, front headlock, superkick, DDT, STF, elbow drop(signature move, raises arms and takes in crowd reaction before landing elbow), moonwalk DDT(finisher), Figure Four Leg Lock(finisher)

Brief Bio (Optional): Farooq was part of the original IWT, capturing nearly every midcard championship, but failing to capture the World title. He eventually left IWT after shooting on everyone to become a movie star, then returned before leaving once more. In his time away he stepped away from movies, focusing solely on wrestling. Improving on his skills, and being undefeated in the minor circuit, he proclaimed himself to be God of Wrestling. He blessed people with his presence, and looked for more matches to combat in honorably. He grew to detest heels, hating cowardly tactics as he plans to return to the newly form IWT.

Accomplishments (Optional): IWT European Champion, IWT US Champion, IWT Hardcore champion, IWT X Division champion