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Storyline KONY 2018

Discussion in 'Internet Wrestling Titles' started by TUMBAS, Aug 3, 2018.

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    TUMBAS Indie Wrestler Donor D-Generation X

    -Dick is stood in the dark against a wall. He holds a piece of paper in his hand as sweat pours down his frantic face-

    I didn't want to have to do this, but you forced me to do this you son of a bitch! I don't know how you managed to kill the IWT ChampION but I think I can put two and two together and bust this whole case. Demetrious, you fucked up this time.

    Ladies and gentlemen, I hope you all remember that African fuck Kony? Well my opponent seems to be spending his time with war criminals, and I have the proof! [​IMG]

    This is classified CIA documents that I came out of retirement to solve. No longer is this match about the united states championship. Now I am coming to save America and kill you and Kony once and for all. This is personal now. I'm gonna drop a trump sized nuke on your ass when it comes time for our match. Your fried Joseph Kony cannot help you there.

    You may of done the impossible, but I know your one and only weakness now. I have studied your profile. I know your every move before you even do it. This is the end of your evil actions. I will not rest until America is safe again. HO RAH!

    -Dick then starts hitting more crack in a dark alley-
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Moderators: Dat Kid

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