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Death Rider

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D-Generation X
Sep 30, 2017
You have read and agree to IWT Rules?: yep

Alignment (Face/Tweener/Heel): Heel

Ring Name: Kenshi

Hometown: Kobe, Japan

Resides In: Miami, Florida

Height/Weight: 5’11’’ / 220lbs

Character Base/Appearance: Sanada

Theme Song:

Move Set (Optional):
*Cold Call - Yakuza Kick
* Under The Gun - Switchblade Kick

*Implied Odds- Sando Slam(sets up the Yakuza Kick)
*Straight Flush- Inverted DDT/Lifting Inverted DDT

Brief Bio (Optional):
The son of a famed crime lord, who runs a few underground business in Japan, and owns stakes in various wrestling promotions. People see him as just a tool in his father’s gang from where he grew up, and while he succeeded in the local wrestling circuits nobody really thought it felt genuine. It always felt like he was throwing his name around, using his father’s influence to get at the top.

Until he got contacted by the newly reformed IWT. While the company was always a little corrupted, it was never ran by a crime outfit. He got signed to a lofty deal, and looks to climb the ranks in an untapped market for him.