Storyline Just Business


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The Four Horsemen
Sep 30, 2017
Buffalo, NY

*The exclusive scene fades in where we see Joey Bryant sitting in a chair all by himself, kind of looking down at the ground in a frustrated manner. The camera begins to zoom out a bit as we see more of the spacious room, but still no one else around. Joey sits there in silence for a couple moments, barely moving a muscle, before we hear a voice from behind the camera*

"You ready, Joey?"

*He looks at the camera and gives a light & quick nod before looking back down at the ground.*

"Alright. Well you called us here to get some sort of message out to the fans and people of IWT. I'm not sure if you expected me to ask you questions here but I have some read--"

"That's not what I said."

*Joey chimes in quietly.*

"Uh...i'm sorry, excuse me. In the e-mail you sent out to IWT, you said you wanted to say a few words abou--"

"You can go now."

*Joey looks up a little bit above the camera at the man standing behind it. There's silence for a couple moments before the man speaks again.*

"Mr. Bryant I'm just following orders from IWT, they didn't spend the money to send us out to your home for nothing, I hope you understand that."

*Joey smirks and chuckles briefly before looking at the ground again. He pauses then looks back up at the man.*

"Well I am IWT. So I advise you follow my orders and leave my house before I call up Michael, you know, your boss, and see just how much longer you'll be employed by this company."

*There's silence in the room once again for a couple seconds before you hear shuffling from behind the camera. Joey shakes his head and looks out of camera frame as we hear a door shut slightly after. Joey nods his head and then looks into the camera directly.*

"I'm not a bad guy."

*Joey pauses for another moment as he stares right into the camera.*

"At least I don't like to think I am."

*His eyes shift away for a second as he tries to collect all his thoughts.*

"I am IWT. I've never been a part of any other company and I'd like to keep it that way....I align myself with those who fight to keep this company alive. There's no exaggeration to what I say."

*He looks into the camera again.*

"I am IWT. When you look back through all the years of this company.....all the names....the champions. Some fade away. Some stick around. Some prosper. But none come close to the being Joey Bryant. I was the IWT Champion at IWT's highest point. Ever since then, IWT has been on a constant uphill struggle, trying to get back to that point of what it once was when I was the man on top of it all."

*Joey pauses as he looks down at the ground then back into the camera.*

"I stepped away for a bit, yeah. I saw I wasn't needed anymore. I had faith that the next generation of competitors would pick up where I left off and carry IWT to heights that I couldn't even imagine. But they failed. Each and every one of them. From match controversies to petty backstage drama, no one was on the same page. The page that everyone should always be on. Making IWT the place to be."

"I wasn't going to come out to the ring or even do this stupid little exclusive here until I saw one of said competitors use my name in the wrong way but i'll get to that in a moment. But first let me explain why I did what I did to Farooq since nobody will leave me the fuck alone about it. It's simple. Farooq was also once a face of this company. Many accomplishments in and out of that ring, could have gone down as one of the best to ever do it here. But what's he up to now? Interfering with business. When you interfere with business, you interfere with Joey Bryant. This is bigger than the friendship Michael and I have. I wasn't just returning a quick favor. I saw Michael doing what he's always been trying to do, keeping this company alive, and while he's doing that, we got Farooq deciding he's gonna be Mr. Big Shot and try this whole business thing for himself."

*Joey leans closer to the camera and continues to look straight into it.*

"You're not a businessman, Farooq. You're a wrestler. Maybe not the best wrestler, hell, you're no Joey Bryant, but you are a worthy competitor. At least you were. Until you decided to interfere with business. THE business. The IWT. Now you're a beaten down man that never stood a chance to begin with. Even at your best moments, you never came close to doing what I could do after you. Anything you can do, I can do better. And anything this company can do without you will be better. Just stay away, Farooq. It's for the better. We sincerely hope you understand and wish you the best in your future endeavors."

*He leans back in his chair and smirks a little bit before covering it up with his hand and going back to looking focused.*


*Joey shakes his head slightly.*

"You got it all wrong. You don't know me. In fact, I don't think we've ever formally met but you sure do got a lot to say about me. I'm not like any of those others you mentioned in your cute tantrum the other day. If you actually did your research, you'd know that. I remember when you showed up in this company, along with Jacobs and Dragon and the rest. I saw the future and the future was bright and I truly thought my work was done. I came back and won the tag titles in a disgustingly morbid tag division while you were on top. I'm not proud of that."

"What I should have done, was go after you. Because it is you and your childish cohorts that put the nail in the coffin of this company. And here you are doing it all again. I get booed by these fans when I align myself with the likes of Dat Kid and Michael, but I do what I have to do to keep things rolling. I do what's best for business. You meanwhile are a selfish excuse of a "champion", claiming you love IWT while you hold it's greatest prize hostage......"

*He pauses for a good few seconds before continuing.*

"If you truly were the man you say you are, and if you truly care for this company like you claim to, you'd be willing to prove to everyone that you can be the top guy when being the top guy actually matters. This is a fresh start, Scott. Everyone sees that but you. It's time to put the past aside and create a whole new IWT that no one has ever seen before and we just can't do that when someone as talented as yourself won't get on the same page. It's just best for business. It's all about the bigger picture, champ."

"You can be the center of the universe, I don't want all that power. But you'll NEVER be the center of the IWT until you realize it's not all about you. It never was. It's about the business......."

"Think about it, Scott. We'll be waiting."

*After that, Joey stands up and walks out of camera frame. It's silent for a second before we hear footsteps walking back towards the camera. Joey walks back into frame and kneels down in front of the camera.*

"By the way, don't ever compare me to Alias Antonio again. Unlike him and the rest, i'll actually be there to take you down a peg. Just ask Farooq."

" up, champ."

*Joey then walks out of camera frame again as the scene fades to black.*