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Review Jay the Oddity Reviews: WWR: From The Pinnacle To The Pit

Discussion in 'PWF Interactive' started by Jay the Oddity, Jul 18, 2018.

  1. Jay the Oddity

    Jay the Oddity Indie Wrestler The Four Horsemen

    Title Card.jpg
    Promotion's Name: Women's Wrestling Revolution aka WWR

    Name of the Event: From The Pinnacle To The Pit

    Date of the Event: March 25, 2018

    Location of the Event: Worcester, Massachusetts

    Match #1: LuFisto vs Shotzi Blackheart

    This was a good opening match. The match starts off with Lufisto offering Shotzi a handshake, and after that, they get into a Collar and Elbow Tie-up and Lufisto transitions into a Headlock to a Hammerlock which then transitions into a Hammerlock Dragon Sleeper. Shotzi manages to reverse it into a Full Nelson, but LuFisto manages a way to transition it into a Full Nelson of her own. Shotzi break out of it attempts a pin attempt, but LuFisto manages to switch it to a Cross-Legged STF, but Shotzi gets to the ropes forcing a break.

    We get a nice test of strength between LuFisto and Shotzi in which Lufisto overpowers Shotzi, but as soon as Shotzi begins to push back, but LuFisto does a Drop Toe Hold to catch Shotzi off guard. After a series of strikes by Lufisto, LuFisto whips Shotzi into the ropes and was going to hit her with a clothesline, but Shotzi catches it and transitions it into a Swinging Neckbreaker. LuFisto is down but gets up to be answered a flurry of strikes by Shotzi and Shotzi finishes it with a Step-up Enzuigiri and goes for the pin, but Lufisto kicks out at 2.Shotzi then goes for Muta Lock almost into an Inverted Surfboard and begins to slam her shoulders and back into the back LuFisto and Shotzi goes for the pin again, and LuFisto kicks out at 2.

    We get a nice spot where Shotzi goes for a big boot to LuFisto in the corner ring post, but LuFisto dodges it and puts Shotzi in the Tree of Woe. LuFisto proceeds to hit Shotzi with a Baseball Slide and a Cannonball. There is a spot here where Lufisto is trying to get Shotzi out of the Tree of Woe, and Shotzi has her foot under the second turnbuckle and the commentator says Shotzi is doing to avoid going to ground, but it actually looked like Shotzi's foot was stuck. We get a pin attempt following the action by Lufisto and Shotzi kicks out at 2.

    There is a spot that wasn't done right because Shotzi goes for a Codebreaker, but it doesn't look right, but soon she recalculates it and hits it on LuFisto. We get a funny spot too where LuFisto and Shotzi are trading chops, and Shotzi just ducks and runs and hits LuFisto with a Sling Blade followed by a Lariat Takedown and a Double Knee Drop for the pin, but LuFisto kicks out at 2.

    After a back and forth of strikes, LuFisto hits a Fisherman Buster onto Shotzi, but Shotzi kicks out a 2 1/2. We another cool spot where Shotzi hits LuFisto in the corner with a high running knee, and it is transitioned into a DDT.

    The closing sees Shotzi missing a Senton and landing all on her back, LuFisto hitting two spinning backfist, a forearm in the corner, LuFisto Irish Whips Shotzi into the corner and uses the ring ropes to get Shotzi on her shoulders, and LuFisto hits Shotzi with the Burning Hammer to win the match.

    Winner: LuFisto

    Overall the match had its high points and low points. It kind of started off slow, but soon picked up. It had a few good spots here and there, and both women looked strong. I give this match a 3 out of 5.

    Match #2: Nadi vs Kennedi Copeland

    Before the match starts we get a pretty good heel promo by Nadi where she starts dissing the town and even her opponent to which she says that "Kennedi is a failed MMA Fighter who came to pro wrestling to make it. She looks like Conor McGregor if he was girl and ugly, and she is the poor woman's version of Ronda Rousey." This was just hilarious.

    When the match does begin Kennedi is straight on the offense, and you can tell she hasn't been wrestling long as a lot of her holds and even pin attempts look pretty bad. Nadi gets in some early offense and even hits Kennedi with a rebounding Side Slam that looked decent enough.

    There is a part where someone in the crowd says "I can beat you, Nadi." and Nadi replies with "Then get in here." The person quickly responded with a no, and it was funny. Kennedi finally gets the offense in by hitting Nadi's head in the turnbuckles, and Nadi soon turns this around on Kennedi.

    Nadi and Kennedi lock up, but Kennedi proceeds to hit Nadi with Knee strikes that just look weak, and Kennedi goes for a clothesline, but Nadi counters it into an STO and attempts to pin Kennedi. Kennedi kicks out at 2. Nadi has Kennedi in a Chin Lock, but Kennedi manages to break and Irish Whips Nadi into the ropes and hits her with a really bad looking kick to the stomach. Kennedi and Nadi have a decent back and forth with Kennedi hitting a Neckbreaker that just looked awful.

    In the closing of the match, Nadi hits Kennedi with a Curb Stomp, but Kennedi kicks out right at 2 1/2 and Kennedi proceeds to get up and hit Nadi with a running knee strike for the win.

    Winner: Kennedi Copeland

    Overall this match was bad from the sloppy transitions and moves to Nadi having to readjust her attire every 2 or minutes this match was bad except for the opening promo and Nadi answering the Heckler. I give this match a 1 out of 5

    Match #3: Kasey Catal vs Vanity

    The opening of this match isn't that bad. Kasey and Vanity lock up, but soon Vanity transitions into a Headlock and then into a Wrist Lock which goes back forth between the two. Vanity goes for a Waist Lock, but Kasey breaks it and tries for a pin and Vanity kicks out at 1. Vanity gets up and begins running towards Kasey in which Kasey just trips her, it was pretty funny, but soon Kasey goes running to Vanity and she does the same and goes for a pin. Kasey kicks out at 1.

    Both Vanity and Kasey then trade Arm Drags against one another with Kasey holding onto Vanity's arm. Vanity tries to Irish Whip Kasey, but Kasey reverses it and Irish Whips her, and Vanity ducks to miss Kasey's clothesline and hits a really bad looking Snap Power Slam. Vanity goes for a pin, but Kasey

    After a show of strikes, Vanity hits two nice looking Snap Suplexes followed by a Slingshot Suplex and goes for the pin. Kasey kicks out at 2. Vanity Irish Whips Kasey into the ring post, but Kasey gets on the top turnbuckle and gets on top of Vanity to go for the Victory Roll, which looked decent. Vanity kicks out at 1.

    In the casing of the match, we see Kasey goes to do a Springboard Cutter but is quickly blocked when Vanity kicks Kasey's leg and spine before delivering a decent looking Neckbreaker. Kasey gets in position to hit the Springboard Cutter, but Vanity moves out of the way. Vanity picks up Kasy and hits an Eat Defeat for the win.

    Winner: Vanity

    Overall this match was decent enough to watch minus a few sloppy transitions here and there. I really can't say much else about this I didn't say in Kennedi vs Nadi. I give this match a 2 out of 5

    Match #4: Davienne w/h Sammi Lane vs Kris Stadtlander

    We began with a really dumb spot where Davienne wants to test the strength of Kris, but Kris uses her "telekinetic powers" to stop it, and Davienne kicks Kris in the stomach and Irish Whips her to ring post to only have her dodge Davienne's clothesline. Kris then proceeds to hit Davienne with a decent looking single leg dropkick.

    We get another dumb spot where Kris uses her "telekinetic powers" to counter Davienne, and after a series of strikes Davienne does a Suplex and tries to pin Kris, but she kicks out at 1. We get another pin attempt after a series of strikes by Davienne followed by a Baseball Slide, but Kris kicks out at 2.

    Davienne and Kris begin to trade elbows and Davienne begin to walk away and as soon as she turned she gets hits with a stiff looking spinning elbow from Kris. Davienne tries to Kris with a clothesline, but Kris Matrix dodges it, hits Davienne in the stomach with an elbow, hits a single leg dropkick, and goes up top to hit a missile dropkick on Davienne Kris pins, but Davienne kicks out at 2.

    Davienne hits Kris with a hard looking swinging side slam, but Kris kicks out at 2. Kris gets on the top rope and Davienne tries to go for a Superplex but is countered by an elbow by Kris. Kris then has Davienne on her shoulders and hits an Electric Chair Facebuster followed by a decent looking Axe Kick.

    Kris has Davienne pinned, but the referee is distracted by Sammi Lane, the manager of Davienne, and Davienne manages to get to her feet and hits a Kryptonite Krunch for the win.

    Winner: Davienne

    Overall this was once again a decent enough to watch. There were a few bad spots, but the match was enjoyable. Davienne impressed me for a big girl like she is she took very few rests holds and spots, so that was pretty cool, and the fact that Sammi didn't get involved until the end was good as well. I give this match a 3 out of a 5.

    Match #4: Tenille Dashwood vs Jordynne Grace

    This match starts off hot right away with Dashwood and Grace going hold for hold with each one getting quicker. Dashwood locks in a Full Nelson, but Grace backs Dashwood into the corner to force a break, and we get another series of transition hold before Grace puts Dashwood in a pump handle to go for a Pump Handle Driver, but Dashwood blocks in and turns it around to a Hammerlock. Grace manages to break free and runs towards the ropes and hitting Dashwood with a shoulder block, and Dashwood tries to go for a Thersz Press, but it is countered by Grace with a Bearhug. That is soon broken up when Dashwood tries to go for a DDT to Grace, but Grace rams Dashwood into the ring post. She tries to go for a body splash but countered by a Drop Toe Hold from Dashwood sending Grace to face first into the bottom turnbuckle. Dashwood then hits Grace with the Emmamite Sandwich and goes for a pin, but Grace kicks out at 2.

    There is a cool spot where Dashwood does a Tilt-A-Whirl Russian Leg Sweep and tries to pin Grace but Grace kicks out at 1. We get another cool spot where Grace has Dashwood in the Bearhug and Dashwood is trying to get out of it, but Grace transitions it into a Vertical Suplex and try to go for the pin. Dashwood kicks out at 1.

    Man, we got another cool spot even though it is short with Dashwood locking in the Tranatula on Grace. Dashwood goes for the Spotlight Kick, but it is countered by Grace with a pretty good looking Spinebuster and Grace goes for the pin, but Dashwood kicks out at 2. We a funny spot where Grace goes to pin Dashwood again, and this goes into a pin war between the two with Grace bell clapping Dashwood with her legs.

    The closing of the match sees Grace Irish Whip Dashwood into the corner, followed by her doing a Lung Blower, followed by a low corner elbow, followed by a Vadar Bomb, but Dashwood moves out the way and hits The Spotlight Kick on Grace and pins her for the win.

    Winner: Tenille Dashwood

    Overall this match was good. Both women looked strong, it never really slowed down, the counters in it were pretty good, and it was just an enjoyable match to watch. It showed how underused Tenille was in WWE. I give this match 4 out of 5

    Match #5: Barbi Hayden vs Penelope Ford

    This match begins like the others with different holds like a Wrist Lock and Headlock, but Barbi tries to go for a Front Slam twice and in the second attempt Ford counters it with it a Side Headlock Takedown mid-air, which was cool looking. We get a cool spot where Barbi goes for a clothesline, but Ford Matrix dodges it and flips over to get her legs around Barbi and do a Headscriorrs Takedown. There is a rough looking spot just after Barbi is just dominating Ford, where Ford counters Barbi's Clothesline with a Crucifix Hold, and Barbi runs back to the ring post, and it looks like Ford hits her pretty hard or to quote one of the commentators "Oh shit! She just hit her fucking head on the ring post!" We get another stiff looking spot when Ford is on the apron after rolling out to catch her breath and trying to get back in, and Barbi hits her with a Lariat Takedown on the apron, and it just looks nasty.

    The closing sees Ford Irish Whipping Babrii to the corner post and hitting her with a double backflip back body press, and Ford runs towards the ropes as Babri follows after her, but gets hit with a backflip Ace Crusher. Ford pins and wins the match.

    Winner: Penelope Ford

    Overall this match was decent. I liked how Barbi kept working on the head and focusing on it and I liked how Barbi was dominating in the first, but Ford came back in the end and won it. The two spots I mentioned were just painful to watch and made my head hurt. I give this match a 3 out of 5

    Match #6: Alisha Edwards and Gillian Leigh vs Team Adams (Karen Q and Tasha Steelz)

    This match starts out the same as the others as this one opens up with lockup followed by a series holds and transitions before being broken up by Gillian who pushed Karen into the ring post forcing a break.

    We get out the first tag from Gillian to Alisha after Karen took Gillian down with a Side Headlock Takedown, and Gillian gets up and rams Karen into the ring post causing a break and Gillian to tag in Alisha. There is a cool double team spot where Gillian hits Karen with a forearm and Snapmare her on to the ground and Alisha runs from the ropes, jumps over Karen, is grabbed by Gillian in a Wheelbarrow Hold, and is then let go into a body splash. Alisha goes for the pin, but Karen kicks out at 1.

    We get another tag after Karen hits a dropkick onto Alisha and motions Gillian to come back in the ring. We finally get a tag from Karen to Tasha after Karen put Gillian in a headlock and moves her to her side of the ring. Tasha tags in and hits a second rope double axe handle onto Gillian's back.

    We get another tag from Tasha back to Karen and she hits a top rope Double Axe Handle onto Gillian's back. Another tag from Karen to Tasha who this time hits Gillian with a top rope double axe handle to Gillian's head followed a double team elbow drop and a pin attempt Tasha. Gillian kicks out at 1.

    We get a good transition of moves when Tasha has Gillian in a Headlock, but Gillian counters it with a Jawbreaker and Irish Whips Tasha into the ropes which is answered by a high knee by Tasha. We get another tag later when Gillian manages to get Tasha in her corner and tags in Alisha, which is followed by a series of strikes by Gillian. Alisha gets a series of few more strikes before Irish Whipping Tasha into the corner ring post and hitting her with a back elbow, this is followed by a tag made Alisha to Gillian who comes in by doing a springboard double knee drop to Tasha followed by a low dropkick. Gillian goes for the pin, but Tasha kicks out at 2.

    After a series of strikes and blows from Gillian to Tasha which includes a spot where Gillian misses a running shoulder thrust and just nails the ring post. We get a hot tag from both teams so now Karen and Alisha are in the ring which is proceeded by a series of running forearms by Karen and cool series of moves where Alisha is in the corner and Karen his a somersault backflip forearm, followed by a corner running spinning body kick, and finishing with a running superkick. Karen goes for the pin, but Gillian breaks the pin at 2.

    After we get a spot where all four women are in the ring and Karen hits a Snapmare onto Alisha, Gillian hits a Snapmare onto Tasha and both proceed to kick the downed person with Karen kicking the front of Alisha and Gillian to the back of Tasha. Karen and Gillian soon realize what is going on and they begin to brawl while Alisha and Tasha get up and brawl as well. Gillian throws Karen out of the ring and we see Tasha hit a nice looking Ace Crusher, followed by a good-looking Spinbuster from Gillian onto Tasha, Karen hits Gillian with a decent looking Exploder Suplex, but Alisha hits a Flatliner to Karen and pins. Karen kicks out at 2.

    The closing of the match sees Karen hitting a Jawbreaker followed by a Boston Crab attempt, but that gets foiled by Gillian who hits her with a forearm. Gillian grabs Karen and puts her in a fireman's carry position, but in doing so knocks out Alisha and as soon as she turns around Tasha hits her with a stiff looking missile dropkick. Karen quickly gets up and locks in the Boston Crab causing Alisha to tap out.

    Winners: Team Adams

    Overall this match was decent enough. I liked how they saved the everybody in the ring at the same cliche for the end of the match. The match did begin pretty slow but picked up towards the end, and Alisha instantly tapping to a Boston Crab did bug me. I give this match a 3 out of 5

    Semi-Main Event: Skylar vs Rachael Ellering
    The opening of this match is quite slow with several Wrist Locks, Headlocks, and even a Hammerlock, but it does show that both women know how to chain moves and transition them very well in a fluid way. Several pins attempts are made by both with each one kicking out at 1 after that both women are on their feet and Rachael picks up Skylar, throws her, and hits a Drive-by. Rachael tries to pin, but Skylar kicks out at 1.

    We get a cool series of moves by Skylar after both women trade some strikes and dodge each other's moves where Skylar hits an Arm Drag followed by a Japanese Arm Drag, and finally a Wheelbarrel Arm Drag.

    We get a moment where Rachael is just dominating Skylar for the first time in this match and Rachael hits a scoop slam followed by a running senton and covers for the pin. Skylar kicks out at 2. Skylar tries to make a comeback but is quickly shut down by Rachael, who after a stiff forearm shot to Skylar, tries to pin Skylar. Skylar kicks out at 1.

    We get a good "hero's moment" where Skylar gets a second wind and finally becomes aggressive by taking control of the match and hits Rachael with a lariat, and then this is followed by Rachael getting up and both women begin to charge at one another and hit a lariat on the other at the same time. Skylar is the first to her feet and once again begins to take control of the match by Irish whipping Rachael to the ropes after she dodges a back elbow by Rachael, hits her with back elbow of her own, blocks Rachael's Clothesline attempt into a kick on the side of the head, and whips Rachael once again for a Hip Toss into a knee lift into a DDT. Skylar goes for the pin, but Rachael kicks out at 2 1/2.

    The closing of this match sees Skylar getting another "hero's moment" when she goes on the second rope and hits a double knee drop onto Rachael and pins for a 2 count. Rachael gets a second wind this time and starts taking control of the match after she hits Skylar with a big boot, and Skylar rolls out of the ring and Rachael hits her again with another big boot and another one after that. Rachael finally brings Skylar in the ring, whips her into the ropes, and hits a nice looking pop-up Spinebuster. Rachael tries to cover, but Skylar reveres it to a Crucifix Pin, and Skylar gets the three count to win the match.

    Winner: Skylar

    Overall this match was good for a semi-main event. I liked the story it was telling because Skylar had never won a match in WWR because she was too "cheery" and didn't show much aggression, but she did this time and she finally won. I give this match a 3 1/2 out of 5

    Main Event: Deonna Purrazzo vs Jordynne Grace

    Before the match begins we get a series of promos explaining that the main event has been changed due to Deonna's original opponent, Sonya Strong, not being cleared to wrestle, so Thick Mama Pump Jordynne Grace comes out and answers the open challenge.

    The match begins like most of this matches a series of holds and transitions, though Grace hits an Arm Drag and an Arm Wrench on Purrazzo during the opening of the match. After that series of holds and another series which includes Grace going a pin attempt but Purazzo kicking out at 1 and Purazzo locking in an Ankle Lock. Grace stands up and tries to go for a Spinning Side Slam, but Perazzo counters it with a Flying Headscissors Takedown and a kick to the face. She tries to pin, but kick out at 2.

    We get a moment where Grace is on all offence where she puts Purrazzo in a Bearhug, but soon whips her into the ropes and hits a shoulder block, followed by another Bearhug which is turned into a Side Slam to Purrazzo. She picks her up once again and locks in the Bearhug but Purrazzo breaks by a bell clap. Purrazzo tries to hits to a clothesline but is shrugged off by Grace. Purrazzo tries for another clothesline, but Grace answers it with a nice looking Spinebuster and tries to pin, Purrazzo kicks out at 2.

    Purazzo finally gets a moment of relief once she tosses Grace into the corner and Grace going out of the ring through the ropes. Grace is on the outside, and Purrazzo gets a second wind and tries to kick Grace in the head, but misses, and Grace tries to go for an Electric Chair Facebuster on the apron, but Purrazzo quickly blocks it and kicks Grace in the head followed by a running kick to the arm. Purrazzo seizes this moment and does a running crossbody from the apron to Grace on the outside. Purrazzo is the first to get on her feet and drags Grace back in the ring, and hits a running knee strike to Grace, and pins. Grace kicks out at 2.

    We get a great back and forth between Purrazzo and Grace where Grace hits Purrazzo with Scoop Slam and Purrazzo would get up and answer with a forearm this on for a little until Grace hits a nice looking Sitout Scoop Slam Piledriver on Purrazzo and pins. Purrazzo kicks out at 2 1/2. I should mention you can clearly see Grace saying Fuck! followed by her repeating Oh Shit over and over, which is funny. Another great series of events happens right after Grace misses with a Vadar Bomb and Purrazzo quickly puts her in an Armbar, but Grace rolls over gets a 1 count, and Purrazzo rolls right back over to put Grace in a double armbar, but it goes right back to a regular Armbar. Grace gets her foot on the ropes and Purrazzo almost gets disqualified, but she breaks the hold at 4 1/2.

    We have a spot where both women are fueled up now and Grace Irish whip Purrazzo into the corner, followed by her doing a double knee to the back, followed by a low corner elbow, followed by a Vadar Bomb that actually hits. She goes for the pin, and kick out by Purazzo at 2 1/2.

    The closing sees Purrazzo going for a German Suplex, but Grace quickly moves to the ropes and rolls back into an O'Connor Roll Pin, and Grace gets the pin for the win.

    Winner: Jordynne Grace

    There is a post-match assault by Sonya Strong, the original opponent for Purrazzo, where she comes from out of nowhere and nails Purrazzo in the back of the head with her purse. Grace comes back to make the save, but Sonya bails out.

    Overall this match did well for the main event especially one "made on the spot" and having Grace come out and challenging Purrazzo after she already had a match earlier was pretty cool. The only thing I didn't like too much was the fact that Grace won this match and won it by a roll up, but none the less it wasn't bad. I give this match a 4 out of 5.

    Final Thought
    My final thought on the PPV was that it was really good. Most of the matches were good excluding Nadi vs Kennedi Copeland and Kasey Catal vs Vanity, which both were just bad. It showed some good talent in the female Indy Wrestling scene like Jordynne Grace, who put on two good matches on this PPV even though she lost one and won the other, Rachael Ellering, who is the daughter of "Precious" Paul Ellering the former manager of The Authors of Pain, Tenille Dashwood, who many people know Emma for WWE, Deonna Purrazzo, who is just a great wrestler, and Penelope Ford, who is a good wrestler and was a sub for The Mae Young Classic . Overall, I enjoyed this PPV minus the two matches I mentioned before so overall I give this PPV a 4 out 5. I hope you enjoy this review.
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  2. Roadster

    Roadster Il Capitano Administrator

    Currently I've read up to Tenille Dashwood vs Jordynne Grace

    Good review, so far.​
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  3. Highspot

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    Awesome review and would love to see more of them.
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  4. Jay the Oddity

    Jay the Oddity Indie Wrestler The Four Horsemen

    Thank you, and don't worry their more coming this way.
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