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Sep 29, 2017
United States of America
1.) IWT Universal Championship will be the new and only active title, and it will be defended in a no-limit, 48 hour fatal 4-way match, at our upcoming show. The participants will be those that won their most recent match, plus someone we'll look to fill in for the 3rd contestant.

2.) Our voting system is going to change too. In addition to the regular public polling, we're (judges) are going to add special points to give people a different chance of winning. Depending on promo quality (to be expanded on in its own thread), on a scale of 1-5, those points are added to the voting total. If someone loses 3-0, or has 0 votes, they automatically lose. This is to increase our ability to run multi-man matches and to increase voting impact.

3.) We're gonna allow, and encourage people to have multiple characters to broaden the pool of talent. We are going to allow 1 Male, 1 Female, and 1 Manager. You can work with this however you want, and its not a requirement. If you already have more than 1 character, then you won't be affected.

4.) We're gonna really emphasize the Table system, as previously said. We're going to use this to judge contestants. This will not be a permanent thing, but something that we're gonna do indefinitely. This is to encourage people to have matches and allow us to choose someone with a hot streak rather than their name value.

5.) We're gonna re-introduce our IWT Grand Prix tournament, which we haven't done since 2015. This tournament is going to be drawn out and rather long, but it will do good for our activity. This is a TBD idea, but it's almost guaranteed to happen.

6.) We're going to do Press Conferences again, but this time it will only be between the main event match. It's gonna be regulated, far more. It's going to be expanded on, in its own thread.

7.) We're going to introduce divisions again. There's gonna be 2 divisions, and each will have its own title. But that won't be right now, but a little later.

8.) All active IWT contestants or frequent spectators have been put into an IWT group, and will no be able to receive alerts of matches, voting and/or promos and alerts.

We're gonna make broader threads on a lot of what was said, but it's good to let everyone know.
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Oct 1, 2017
fuck off
also keep in mind after the 26th i aint gonna be doing shit for at least a few weeks


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Oct 5, 2017
the man
roadie yer maws oot back tryna start the electric lawn mower screamin "BRING US THE STRIMMER BRING US THE STRIMMER"

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Sep 30, 2017
So Dat Kid is in control now?

And I'm so ready for Grand Prix v.7