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Sep 29, 2017
United States of America

LIVE from the Sears Center in Hoffmen Estates, Illinois...IWT Proudly Presents...IWT Survival II!

Dat Kid (@Dat Kid) vs. Reginald Dampshaw III (@DampshawIII)
Veteran vs. Newcomer. Both will be looking to make deep impressions on the first IWT standings released.
Thursday, September 20th

Dick Fagget (@TUMBAS) vs. ???
Who will Dick Fagget face in his attempt to make a statement by climbing up the table and potentially securing himself a top berth?
Thursday, September 20th

Farooq (@Farooq) & Scott Fargo (@James) vs. Virtue (Michael (@Juventudinho) & Joey Bryant (@DK JAMES))
A simmering feud between Virtue and Farooq & Fargo. Michael has vowed to force Scott Fargo to reliinquish his title whilst a more aggressive Bryant has helped him depose of what they call "leeches" from the IWT. A grudge match is expected.
Thursday, September 20th

Dat Kid

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Oct 30, 2017
Roadie, let me help you come up with names for ppv so you can stop using the Spike TV name generator
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Jul 22, 2018
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Dat Kid

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Oct 30, 2017
Before the show intro starts the camera fades into the backstage area where we can already here sirens in the distance. A man towers into the frame, his head cut off until the camera backs up to see Evander Amos staring at the driveway into the arena. You can hear a small pot from inside the arena as Evander checks his watch, the sirens are louder. Evander wears an all black leather outfit and black diamond necklace.

A small white van comes around the corner, there's two sheriff escorts right behind the car as it comes to a stop. Evander follows the cars with his eye. The side of the van has a state seal on the side, "Corrections" written next to it. The doors are swung open by the officers, but the camera doesn't swing around. We can hear the sound of chains being removed. The officer that isn't behind the van escorting the prisoner motions for him to move. We see Dat Kid, he looks exhausted for the first time in his career, but sporting a new attire: gold and black american flag pattern tights, one black glove on his right hand.

He walks to Evander, the officers follow. Evander looks over at the police following Kid before grabbing something out of his pocket, it's another black diamond necklace. Evander puts it around Kid's neck and Kid looks down at it. He hold the bottom of the necklace and nods approvingly.

Evander: You ready?

Dat Kid: Does it really matter if I am?

Evander nods and they start moving down the hallway, cops trailing behind.

We cut back to the crowd who's been watching this on the titantron, but the feed cuts out showing the IWT survival graphic as we sit in silence for a moment. Some fans are standing up, waiting for...

The titantron and lights shut off simultaneously as a gold beam of light shoots out of an opening in the floor. We see flickers of shadows in the beams as black smoke pours out of the opening, but settling on the stage floor. Dat Kid and Evander Amos stand back to back as a large LED panel lifts them from under the stage and under lighting them in gold light. The camera spins around them as they rise. The spotlights behind them illuminates their figures in purple light. The gold light dims from the panel so we now only see their purple silhouettes. 0:15 hits and fists are raised in the air as the titantron a pattern of smooth gold with black diamonds falling down from the sky.

Evander and Kid hit the ramp, business written all over their faces. Evander approaches the apron, Kid runs over to the hard camera apron. Evander grabs the top rope and climbs over the ropes to enter the ring as Kid slides in from the other side. The music fades and Evander is holding the mic, hesitant to speak. Kid slaps him on the back.

Evander: Two years ago I made my debut in the IWT and everything that I'd dreamt of doing had come true because I was here. You see there are a lot of places like this, but back then if you wanted to be anybody, you had to be here. One by one we saw the all stars from other places come here cause they knew if they weren't a champion HERE, they weren't really a champion at all, period. So you have to understand that when they told me after three matches that I would never step into this ring again, I spent so many days not talking to anybody, living off the $7,000 I made in that one month, losing my house, my car- No, you don't know what that's like! Cause ya'll don't chase your dreams, you stay your asses behind that desk, behind that grill, but ME? That's my car, I paid for that! That's my house! So I was forced to become something that I'm simply not and I paid the 730 day price.

Kid: But see, that's the story the news covered, what they didn't cover is the fact that Evander was rehired at the beginning of IWTMania V when yours truly, so when Micheal bought the IWT back, he bought the inevitability of Evander. This inevitability that includes the systematic destruction of what is the standard here in the IWT. See we're not here to take over or to destroy, we're here to change this place because despite the years of entertaining you people we're still treated like some kind of an afterthought. I accomplish more in my career than ANY superstar AND I ain't just talking about gold, I'm talking about the fact then when I speak asses sit down, mouths shut, ears open, and in the back eyes are glued to the monitors. In fact their glued to the monitors right now. It's just proof that I don't need a title to be a champion because my blood is more valuable than any unified/divided/reunified/vacant/forfeited World Heavyweight Championship that this place has to offer. What's up Punk ass bitch?

The crowd reacts, you can see people holding their hands over their mouths with their eyes wide open.

Kid: Your little skit where you beat me up in a mansion was pretty funny, especially since you had to get that guy to do black face since your mother doesn't let you hang out with any coloreds. You wanna talk about making a movie called The Rise and Fall of Dat Kid, but just like your career it would be another reboot because I've risen and fallen many time, but then one thing I have not done was pretend to be someone else. You talk about being the face of the IWT and these people barely know what your face looks like. For all the effort you put in not a single damn person cares about anything you've ever done here because your as bland as an unsalted cracker, no offense Suicide. So once you realize no one could give two single solitary shits about you, you run off and forfeit the title. Where as I took the World Heavyweight Championship and made it the main event and put on the matches you DREAM of having. Where you take a back seat The Cure, Bullad Club, and every other new comer, I was going toe to toe with them. Where as you "watched my career for six years", I actually had one. So you can call me out all you want, but deep down you know you wouldn't even have the pussy show up to that match, so why don't you do what you do best and watch IWT from a distance and we'll send you the invite when it's bring your deadbeat to work day, you Canadian cuck.

Evander grabs kids mic and pretends like it's on fire as he hops it around like a hot potato, he blows it off.

Evander: You see we're not taking any more of this bullshit. We've suffered for this company, ruined our lives for this place, and we want what we're owed and if ya'll ain't gonna give it to us, we gonna take it! So listen close because this is a day you won't forget, because it marks a new era in the IWT, lead by a new empire....A Black Empire.

Evander pulls out a black diamond chain from his pocket.

Evander: And we got one more chain...

Dat Kid: Farooq!...We want your answer by the end of the night!

We fade to black as Dat Kid and Evander stare coldly into the camera.


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Sep 29, 2017
We see Christian working on other projects unrelated to IWT at a studio nearby the arena for IWT Survival II

Assistant: Christian! Christian!

Christian: What?

Assistant: Are you watching the IWT Survival pre-show?

Christian: IWT what?

Assistant: IWT Survival... II

Christian: THIS IS THE SECOND ONE?!? And I thought Great Balls of Fire was a bad name.

Assistant: Dat Kid talked about you on the pre-show!

The assistant places a laptop in front of the desk in which Christian is sitting near

Christian: Of course he did.

When does Dat Kid not mention me? The day Dat Kid stops mentioning me is the day he'll stop being pro-black everything. It's just not going to happen.

Christian watches the clip of Dat Kid and Evander

The video ends and we see Christian sleeping and drooling on his desk

Assistant: Uhh, Christian? Christian, sir?

Christian: Wha-huh-wha? What happened?

Assistant: Are you okay, sir?

Christian: I don't know. One second you were placing your laptop on my desk. The next minute we started watching the Dat Ki- ohhh that must be it.

You know the thing about Kid is, once you see him, you've basically seen all he has to offer and his entire act. And it really isn't much truthfully speaking. Like do we really expect Dat Kid to be putting out must-see content?

Dat Kid's the type of dude to tie his shoelaces and call it [HASHTAG]#BlackExcellence[/HASHTAG]

Because his excellence is everyone else's mediocrity.

I mean, lets be honest. The only black superstar of excellence we have ever had in IWT was Farooq.

Anywho, don't disturb me, I'm working right now. I've got much better things to do then to listen to a washed up superstar.

Assistant: Yes sir, sorry sir.

The assistant picks up his laptop and begins to leave

Christian: Actually, hold up. Tell me when that Fargo match comes on. He's a funny guy.

Assistant: Yes sir.
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