Match IWT Survival II - Dick Fagget vs. ???


Il Capitano
Sep 29, 2017
United States of America
The following contest is scheduled for one fall!...

Introducing the participants...
(@TUMBAS) Dick Fagget vs. ???

The rules are as followed:

- No videos except for titantron entrances
- All pictures must be used in context of the promos.
- There is a 2 promo limit
- The deadline for all promos is September, 25th 2018
- Voting will then last for 24 hours
- Keep all OOC, off-topic and side conversation away until after voting has opened.​


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Oct 2, 2017

Dick Fagget returns for the first time since his loss in a chopper with Preisdent Trump. Mr America and the President quickly repel down the rope before parkour rolling to their safety on the stage. Dick grabs a mic, as he strips off to his underwear.

Dick: I have no clue who my opponent could be tonight. It could be anyone. They could be under ring right now. But you know what? I am not scared. Even though I apparently lost my last match, due to a lousy referee. Who clearly said the first person to have their shoulders pinned for thee seconds wins. So I hope I am fighting that piece of shit ref tonight. I hope you step out you son of a bitch!​

I am not going anywhere. I am not scared. I have been training hard since my loss. I have no upped my steroid intake by triple. I was being lazy, but there is no more slacking now. It's comeback season. I don't care who I am fighting tonight. I am going to win! Isn't that right Big D?

Dick then turns to look at the president who looks him back dead eyes.

President Trump: Actually, I think you will lose... I do... Yup- that's right. You see, you are actually trash, and you are poor. Yup. Mhmm.

Dick boils in frustration before he clocks the President on the center of the stage. Trump slams down to the floor as Dick quickly dodges the sniper shots from secret service bodyguards. Dick flips and cartwheels out the way, until Trump sits back up.

Dick: Wait a minute! Look!

Dick then runs over to Trump and drags him to his feet, before wiping the thick orange tan off his skin. He rubs away revealing a much paler skin. He then rips off the hideous yellow hair piece revealing small black hair. The crowd gasps.

Dick: Oh my God! You are not the President... You are... Adolf Hitler.

Hitler then stands up in the trump suit as he begin to chuckle. He grabs a mic too.

Hitler: Mwahahaha. Stupid American Scum. It was me all along. Heil Hit-

Suddenly Dick is in an american tank as he steamrolls over Hitler before aiming the canon in the air, and shooting an american flag. Dick then springs out from atop the tank as he walks into the ring. While the crowd cheers for him. Dick now looks up at the empty stage as he makes a quick underwear change in the corner.

Dick: You see that. Mucs muslin, Hitler. Come out whoever you are. You cannot fathom my steroid abused strength,

Dick is ready as he pops a light squat in the middle of the ring, showing everyone his sweaty crack.
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Sep 30, 2017
The music kicks in for the renowned individual, and it receives a mixed reaction from the crowd. Mostly negative, but there are a few people who are happy to see the hall of famer back in action. Seconds pass, and then a minute. But nothing happens. More jeering ensues.

A different song begins to play.

The cameras pan to behind the entrance way, where Jack Fortè is seen suiting up for his entrance.

Forté bursts through the curtains, embracing a wrestling crowd since the last time IWT went under. Not having wrestled anywhere since. He's seen with a mic in his hand, and doesn't wonder from the entrance stage. Jack signals for the music to be cut, and waits for everything to die down.

The next time I was supposed to step into that ring, it was going to be for the IWT Championship. I won the number one contendership, and was eagerly awaiting to face off against Luis Ovaldhino. But that day never came, my shot never came. I had the chance to hold that IWT Title numerous times, beating the title holders every time I stepped foot against them. But it wasn't on my level. I spent the better part of a year working on the Intercontinental Championship. I won that title when IWT was at its lowest, and instead of coasting by I sought every worthy contender and put them down. One by one they all fell. I brought back legends, and looked to any current talent making a name for themselves. I did that day in and day out, until I became the longest reigning Intercontinental Champion.

And then I lost. I lost that title after being undefeated since my debut over a year prior. Over twenty bouts underneath my belt, and that remains my only loss to this day. But I didn't let that get me down. No, it lit an even deeper fire underneath me. I stopped worrying about what everyone around me thought, I stopped worrying about what the fans thought. And I unleashed that passion and tore through the next crop that stood in my way.

The IWT Title finally had a decent backer, and then he was succeeded by Danny Jacobs. Two world class talents were vying for that title, and that's when I decided to set my eyes on the prize. And I would've had it too, but then the IWT closed its doors.

So why am I telling you all this? Because I didn't come back here to demand my match. I've returned because people around here can't keep my name out of their fucking mouths. You can only knock on the devil's door for so long before satan is staring you in your eyes. People around here seem to misconstrue my legacy, and that's fine. They can do as they please.

But it's a whole different ball game when I'm standing right in front of you. I don't need to be here, I made enough money to retire when the IWT went under. There's just one thing-- I was only getting started. I'm a veteran in this company, but as far as I'm concerned I'm still a rookie in that ring.

It wasn't a matter of if you'd ever see me again, it was a matter of when. And while I'm not here to demand a title match, I do ask for you to give me more than this.

Dick Fagget, run along now. I'm back, but I'm not getting into that ring unless there's an actual challenge. Maybe someone like Sage, or Spawn... and hell-- I didn't see @Dat Kid's opponent back there either. So maybe he'll finally stop ducking me after all this time. You know what? Dat Kid can bring one of those two guys out there and make this a tag team match. I'm sure I can go back there and find someone for it.

You guys wanted a show? This is the only way you're going to get it.​
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Dat Kid

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Oct 30, 2017
Jack Forte doesn't even get the chance to turn around before the arena goes dark with red lights circling about the crowd. On the titantron we see a black and white american flag, but blood begins to seep down it.
As Evander emerges from under the stage red and blue lights spin in the darkness, making Evander light up red one moment and blue another, darkness on the opposite side. Evander eyes are blacked out, his beard scruffy, he wears black and red American flag tights, similar to Kid. Evander's raised fist towers over Jack as he raises to his seven ft two stature. He doesn't even look at Forte before bumping his shoulder to move past him and down the ramp. As Evander makes his way down the ramp more of the same lights turn on as he walks past. When he enters the ring it turns blood red with the over head lights a bright blue, outlining his figure as he stares at Dick Fagget.

The music fades down as Evander continues to look at the man who's crack continues to sweat.

Evander from the opposite side of the ring points at Dick Fagget.

Evander: This don't concern you any more.

Evander turns his head back to Jack Forte, walking to the ropes.

Evander: You spent the better half of ten minutes giving us your career history up on that ramp while your "opponent" is waiting in the ring. What was the point of all that or were you just trying to buy time because you're too scared to fight...

Evander turns his head back around to see Dick Fagget continuing to put intense effort into his squats, sweating buckets, and turning red. The crowd behind him try their best to look in any other direction.

Evander: Or was it because even with all your accomplishments you're still nothing but an insecure has been. I mean, Dat Kid'll never give Micheal credit, but he really did a great job making sure Dick's opponent was a mystery because I've been staring at you for a while now and I still don't know who the fuck you are. You seem to think you're important though, so I guess that's all that matters. You probably don't know who I am, but I'm not gonna go read chapter one of my autobiography like you just did.

Evander (mimicking a child): I did this, I did that.

Evander: Congratulations, you still bleed like every body else in the building and you can't block a punch with your win/loss record, but maybe once I'm done knocking your teeth out you can cash in blowjob in the bank and get another championship opportunity from Mikey. I mean that's what this is all about, you want the IWT Championship as much you stand there and lie to everyone here. Let's say you win that championship, then what? What are you gonna do with that title? You're gonna do exactly what every other champion did before you, by a big mansion or skyscraper penthouse, cut promos with overpriced liquor in your left hand with a suit, lose the belt, and hope taking a few months off and return pop'll be enough for these people to forget how much of a failure you are. See and that's a good life for you to live because what you don't want...what you REALLY don't wanna do is call out The Black Empire.

Evander climbs over the rope and onto the apron.

Evander: Cause you and us, we're playing two VERY different games here. You still in this fantasy that winning in a championship in the IWT in this moment in time means ANYTHING at all. You talk about all these people you fought and half of em ain't here, why is that? Cause they don't wanna be here! Because they would be EMBARRASSED to be SEEN on this show. See, Kid still thinks there's still hope for this show, but while you over there chasing titles, we're over here making the IWT in IWT Championship actually mean something and we don't need belts to do it either. By the time we're done with this place you'll be begging us to wear those tacky pieces of wasted gold, but right now the only thing you're gonna be begging for is for God to come and save you from this ass whupping, but Farooq ain't coming to save you nigglet.


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Oct 2, 2017
The titantron quickly switches to Sage, who is far from the arena. He lights a fatty as he lets out a loud exhale.

Sage: Forte. If you really think you are the man in IWT, then I will gladly have a match with you. However. I am not stepping foot into an arena if Dick Fagget is stood in the center of the building. See I just can't trust any of you IWT guys. But if you want to prove me wrong Jack, I will gladly give you that match when I return from the clouds.

The video feed then cuts off as Sage continues to smoke.

Dick then grabs a microphone as he lets out an obnoxious and disgusting laugh.

Dick: You see that Jack! Sage is no where to be seen. And who else was it you wanted to try and replace me? Oh yeah! The demon Spawn! Haha, well the demon is dead kid. It took a real American Hero to put him down. Not some emo perv who fucks his sister. So whether you like it or not! It's just going to be you! And Me-

Suddenly the lights go out as silence strikes. Quickly the lights come back on and Dick is no where to be seen, then another video plays on the tron.

The demon crawls out from under the ring, before he too now stands on the apron. Spawn simply stares at Evander. The crowd cannot believe it as Spawn returns to IWT.

The demon stands there as he begins to laugh in his sicked manner.

Spawn: Black Empire? No Evander... what you really don't wanna do, is wake the demon from his slumber. Dick is back where he belongs. Rotting in the pits of hell. Maybe you would like to keep him company? Because ten minutes of Forte's accomplishments is much more entertaining than you standing here riding on Dat Kid's dick while holding his afro.

Unlike you, I have actually stepped into the ring with that man. I fought him at his best and he put me down effortlessly. As much as I hate him for that, I wish I could be more like him. So I'm sorry Jack, you summoned me for another match right? Well, I don't want to fight you anymore.

However- I sure would love to shut up Dat Kid and his annoying little bitch for old times sake. You haven't found your opponent. You found your partner. So Evander. Now's the part where you start screaming for the back up. Because I didn't come here to talk about history, or to brag about how good I am... I am here to kick some ass!

Spawn then steps over the ropes as he closes in on Evander. Trying to bait out Dat Kid.


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Sep 30, 2017
Looks like I'm the least of your worries right now, Evander. But if you really don't know who I am, ask your manager. Who's the guy that Kid brought on his talk show and publicly begged him to join the IW3, hoping someone would save him and Aids from utter destruction at the hands of the Bullad Club? Who's the guy that was standing in that ring, waiting for a match he had scheduled against Dat Kid, but Kid refused to get in the ring to face? Who's the guy that made it possible for Dat Kid to even stand in that ring, because he was here night in and night out when the IWT was at its lowest?

Go ahead and ask him, or do you think you have your answer?

Because you're looking at him.

You think the crowds are dead now-- I was here when there were ten people tops in those seats, fighting my heart out. Where was Kid then? He claims he loves the IWT, but he's so quick to put it down when it suits his agenda. The only people who would even show up to that locker room were myself, Nick, some uncontracted talent, and the man in that ring standing right beside you, Evander. Without me there wouldn't have been an IW3, even though that's not saying much. I kept the IWT afloat until people wanted to start performing for the company, until people wanted to sit in those seats, and see me.

Kid came back to the IWT after he seen the influx of talent, and aligned himself with Aids thinking that it'd be easy pickings back to the top. So much new, unproven talent. What an easy road to the IWT title, right? Wrong. He was wrong then, and he's wrong now thinking that you'd do his dirty work for him. Just look at HIS history, Evander. Look at the people he backed. Suicide? Career suicide. Alias? Hasn't been seen since he faced me. Joey? Well you've seen the show.

And you have the nerve to stand there and question who I am, question my motives!? I bet all you heard was IWT and title when I originally came out here, and though "Oh, just another has been trying to demand a title match. This'll be easy." But that's where you're dead wrong, because that person is already standing in the ring, not on the stage.

The other person standing in that ring? Well he broke Kid's neck. This a joke. I'm not even in that ring yet and the both of you are already outnumbered. For a Black Empire, I'm sure you have more than this----​


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Jul 22, 2018
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White fog begins to cover the entire ring, as Farooq steps out. In his ring gear, with a microphone on his right hand he begins to speak as he makes his way down. The music begins to slowly fade.

Farooq: How about you keep the Black Empire's name out of your mouth Forte."

Farooq walks down the center of the ramp.

Farooq: "A demon and a man who ran through an entire roster, falling to ambushing a single man? Pathetic."

Farooq climbs up the steel steps, entering the ring and standing beside Evander, giving him a nod before speaking again.

Farooq: "A demon and another returning wrestler wants to threaten one of our own? Not gonna happen. Spawn, get back to the bottom of the ring where you belong. A demon has no need to be in the presence of a God. You just don't stand a chance... Forte? If you're falling to this type of tactic then you've obviously lost your skill in the ring. The only thing I've been hearing is a history lesson. How about you both do something now. Now that the cards are even, come get us. We'll cement the reason why the Black Empire is the next growing dominate force in IWT. We'll cement the reason by beating both of your asses. Because this has become the Lord's will, and the Lord's will shall be carried with a happy heart."