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Match IWT Survival II - Dat Kid v. Reginald Dampshaw III

Discussion in 'Internet Wrestling Titles' started by Roadster, Sep 20, 2018.

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  1. Roadster

    Roadster Il Capitano Administrator

    The following contest is scheduled for one fall!...

    Introducing the participants...
    (@Dat Kid) Dat Kid vs. Reginald Dampshaw III (@DampshawIII)

    The rules are as followed:

    - No videos except for titantron entrances
    - All pictures must be used in context of the promos.
    - There is a 2 promo limit
    - The deadline for all promos is September, 25th 2018
    - Voting will then last for 24 hours
    - Keep all OOC, off-topic and side conversation away until after voting has opened.​
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  2. Dat Kid

    Dat Kid Indie Wrestler IWT Creative D-Generation X

    im not going 1st. There’s nothing for me to promo on with this guy
  3. Dat Kid

    Dat Kid Indie Wrestler IWT Creative D-Generation X

    The same backstage interviewer who Kid assaulted is wearing a neck brace, silent, waiting by the entryway. Dat Kid walks into frame and stares straight at her. Kid walks closer to the microphone and raises his eyebrows.

    Kid: Well...

    The interviewer pushes the microphone into Kid's chest and starts to walk away in the opposite direction but she bumps into Evander's chest, she looks up to meet his eyes that signal her to walk back over to Kid. Kid hands her the microphone.

    Interviewer: Kid, you'll be taking on Reginald Dampshaw a newcomer who makes his debut in IWT for the first time tonight. How do you expect to come out on top tonight.

    Kid: Once again, doing a piss poor job, but that's exactly the kind of half-assed effort IWT is known for. It took me three seconds to put you in the hospital. They put me in jail and took away everything I had for three seconds. Three seconds of what I do for a living is what got me classified as a danger to society. This match has a ten minute time limit, so if my math is correct Reginald Dampshaw is gonna get 200 times worse than what's got you wearing that neck brace. But the problem is I don't give a single fuck about what @Juventudinho decides cause whether you like me or think I'm years past my expiration date, I'm still the most entertaining part of this place and Micheal knows without me he'd be feeding his kid Lunchables for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. So as much as he doesn't want to admit it, I'm the man putting food on his table, and because of that I'm always going to be able to do whatever the fuck I want in this place, free or in handcuffs, Micheal can't do shit to me. That's why my match with Reginald Dampshaw ain't gonna be ten minutes, it's going to be thirty minutes (3 Promos), and if Micheal has a problem with is he can come down to "his" ring and stop me.

    Dat Kid walks straight in front of the Interviewer, who is now stuck between Kid and Evander.

    Evander: Your in the way!

    The interviewer runs off, the duo eyes her as we fade back into the arena.

    The arena is covered in gold as moving purple spotlights strobe with the bass of "King's Dead". Dat Kid walks out to mix of cheers and boos, he stands at the top of the ramp and takes it in, raising his arms, the boos overwhelm the cheers. Kid raises his fist in the air and the semi conservative audience is not about it as Evander walks out and they both walk down to the ring.

    Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall with a ten minute time limit. First, making his way to the ring accompanied by Evander Amos, residing in Los Angeles, California, Dat Kiiiiiiid.

    Evander climbs over the top rope as Kid slides on the camera side apron. The duo puts fists in the air as Kid screams something inaudible to the crowd. Evander pushes the announcer into the corner and snatches the mic away as he's startled. Kid climbs to the top turnbuckle, sitting down, facing the camera side crowd.

    Kid: Let's skip all the bullshit and let's call it how it is. Fact is, no one knows who the hell my opponent is tonight, but this is just another way for Micheal to play his little games, by one putting me up against someone who I can't prepare against and two putting me up against someone with no value in their name. Why am I always the one that's gotta pop somebody's IWT cherry and give em a taste of what losing is like.

    Kid points to the camera that's looking up at him.

    Kid: Cause Reggie, I went ahead and looked at your resume and saw that you were Intercontinental Champion somewhere else, but when you google CWF Intercontinental Champion you get ZERO results. Forget Reginald for a second, google CWF Intercontinental Championship...you know what you get? ZERO! In fact we haven't seen a single vignette, an interview, or even a backstage cameo. So Micheal, the resurrector of IWT, the messiah of e-feds, and the so called creator of the 2nd IWT Golden Age has booked me against someone who doesn't even exist. But if I wanted to fight somebody who didn't exist I would've just fought Christian....oh wait, he walked out AGAIN. He walked out AGAIN! He walked out AGAIN! AGAIN! AGAIN! AGAIN! AGAIN! AGAIN! AGAIN!

    Christian fans in the audience are furious.

    Kid: Yeah truth hurts, but if Christian even considered stepping back into this ring I'd send his ass right back to that empty house so he can sip scotch and cry about how he's the only IWT Superstar to get a Hall of Fame ring out of pity and that includes FTJ who's certifiably retarded.

    Kid lowers the mic for a second and mouths the word, "Now what bitch". Kid pulls a pieces of folded paper out his back pocket.

    Kid: What I hold in my hand is Reggie's resume, the thing that got him hired here. It says here the Reginald comes from a rich family and all that means to me is he's just another white boy living off money he never earned, much like most of the IWT roster who make money off the PPVs I sell, so we're really breaking the mold with this one. Let's see what else it say, oh check this out, "Reginald's lack of dominance in wrestling caused Reginald to seemingly lose his mind slowly. Always proud of his family's legacy as rich, powerful and dominating figures, Reginald is now hearing voices of his long gone ancestors, telling him his ultimate goal is to become a "king" in wrestling, by any means necessary."

    Kid looks back at Evander.

    Kid: "By any means necessary"...really? See cause I don't think you know what that even means and in fact the only thing that's probably true in this resume is the part where it says "lack of dominance", which is just sugar coating for the word "jobber". But as a man who's lost just about much as he won I can attest to it driving people to madness. In fact I too can hear voices because of it and I can hear the voices of Reginald's ancestor.

    Kid closes his eyes and listens carefully. Kid begins to have convulsions, his eyes rolling in the back of his head.

    Kid: Reginald, it's your father, Reginald Dampshaw the 2nd...son...you have to...you have to kill yourself so that I can stop rolling in my grave.

    Kid snaps out of his "trance" and looks down out the ground, he waves as if speaking to Reggie's father.

    Kid: Hey Reggie's dad, don't worry, family reunions are always a beautiful thing.
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  4. andie

    andie rockerboy Super Moderator D-Generation X

    That was my theme you piece of shit
  5. Dat Kid

    Dat Kid Indie Wrestler IWT Creative D-Generation X

  6. andie

    andie rockerboy Super Moderator D-Generation X

    I didn't finish the tron smdh
  7. Dat Kid

    Dat Kid Indie Wrestler IWT Creative D-Generation X

    Dat Kid begins to question the referee, asking him what's going on. We finally see an image on the titantron, it's backstage, officials and medics crowd a hallway. Laying at the bottom of stairs is Reginald Dampshaw III. Dat Kid rolls his eyes at the screen, almost exhausted about the situation. He points for the ref to raise his hand.

    Announcer: Reginald Dampshaw is unable to compete, therefore your winner is Dat Kid.

    The crowd boos as Kid has his hand raised and as officers come down the ramp to escort him the premises he asks for a mic to delay them as they stop short of the ring.

    Dat Kid: i just wanna say one thing, it'll take a minute. Michael, I said a lot of mean spirited things about you tonight, none of which I regret because at this point you have to know it's true. Look at this place, IWT is falling apart in your hands like a pile of sand. As much as your pride gets in the way of logic, even you know that you can't run IWT without me. I'm the one who puts eyes on this place and I'm the one win/loss/ or draw puts on the show stealing wars. I made a career putting champions in my shadow. Tonight was supposed to be a night to determine who would lead the future of IWT, but all we determined is that IWT may not even have a future.

    Dat Kid takes a moment for that to sink in with everyone.

    Dat Kid: There's a reason why everyone here tonight talked about me in some regard. There's a reason why several superstars want to be in the ring with me. There's a reason why over ten superstars have aligned themselves with me over the years. I am the heart of the IWT, and you can't name another person who competed in this ring tonight who even come close to that. My point being, is that I have given years to this place and over the course of those years you start to forget things. One of those things being, that when I lost the IWT Championship to Victoria Parker I never got my contractually obligated rematch...Therefore I am declaring my right to be the #1 Contender for the IWT Championship at the next PPV.

    Dat Kid drops the mic and is escorted out of the arena by the officers.
Moderators: Dat Kid

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