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Discussion in 'Internet Wrestling Titles' started by Roadster, Oct 12, 2017.

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  1. Roadster

    Roadster Il Capitano Administrator

    - IWT (Internet Wrestling Titles) is an e-fed where competitors take part in Live promos, and where the site votes on the best promos and select the winner.
    - IWT is managed by a booker
    - The current IWT booker is @Roadster
    - IWT is not mean't to be taken seriously, it is expected that you show respect to everyone and of staff.
    - You are free to create and advance storylines, angles and feuds and to cut promos to develop and advance your character.

    Promos -
    - If we learn that you are getting your promos written by another person, you will be punished. Punishment varies depending on the degree of the violation.
    - Collaborations require the credit for both competitors.
    - Not competing in your match, without a valid reason has a 3 strike limit as well. The 1st strike results in a No Contest. 2nd will be the same as the 1st, and if the 3rd is reached a 2nd Degree punishment will be handed out, following up with an indefinite suspension if it's reached to 4-5.
    - If you're gonna delete or edit your promo, please tell your opponent, unless it's minor or quick. This only applies if both competitors are online at the same time.
    Roleplays, as in having characters do something, without the characters consent will result in a No Contest. 2 further violations will result in Expulsion.
    - Attacking NPC such as announcers, interviewers, audience etc. is allowed but constant altercations can result in a warning.
    - You can do as you wish, but anything that has to do with murder, sexual abuse or homicidal actions towards another person or character will result in an automatic No Contest and Suspension. Persistent violations will result in expulsion, without another warning. If something is warranted with the agreement of the victim member, you have limited immunity. But excessive violations will be handled with a 3rd Degree punishment regardless of consent.
    - Angles, promos and written matches should be under the "Storyline" prefix
    - Out of character threads should be under the "OOC" prefix.
    - The "Match" prefix is reserved to be used only by staff members.

    Shows & Matches -
    - IWT shows are booked by Roadster with requests from members of the roster.
    - The two types of IWT events include "House Shows" and "PPVs"
    - House Shows are impromptu matches that are made at the request of those involved. They have no criteria.
    - Titles can be defended at both types of shows, but house shows must have the consent of the champion.
    - PPVs are pre-planned, and are the biggest shows of the month.
    - IWT PPVs have no defined date, but rather are set at the best possible time of the month.
    - IWT Preview Cards are posted prior to the event with the event logo, theme song and location.
    - All Preview Cards will be under the "Match Card" prefix
    - Select PPVs will have it's own special press conference.
    - Press conferences are threads that allow for pre-planned guests as well as un-planned guests to have last minute build for their matches and feuds.
    - Matches, for both PPVs and House Shows, take place in their special threads that are posted either on the specified date, in the event of a PPV match, or at the requested date, in the event of a House Show match.
    - Main Event PPV matches have no limit on how many promos can be posted.
    - All undercard and House Show matches have a 2 promo limit.
    - All matches must have their first promo posted within 24 hours.
    - OOC and Off-Topic posts are not welcomed, during a match, while it takes place.
    - Main Event matches have no limits on promos, while all (unless a stipulation is in effect) matches will be a 2 promo limit.
    - The first overall promo must be posted within 24 hours of the thread being posted.
    - It is generally expected for the match to be done as soon as possible.
    - Though no pre-set deadlines are set, Staff retains the right to set deadlines, end and restart matches.

    Voting -
    - IWT voting is done by members of the site.
    - IWT voting is sanctioned and controlled by IWT booker(s)
    - The community is encouraged to inform management of potential bias or inaccuracies.
    - Pandering, asking or attempting to garner inaccurate votes will result in a in a Level 2 or Level 3 (depending on frequency) punishment.
    - Voting should be based off of coherency, entertainment value and overall creativity.
    Extra -
    - You can ask for a match, even if it's not at an event.
    - These matches will not count in terms of future booking position.
    - Solely for the improvement, preparation and enjoyment of the competitors involved.
    - Promos posted during a Non-Event time period should not be taking place at events.
    - You are free to post, build, challenge any feud, character or segment you wish during this time.
    - Title Matches are free to take place if the competitors involved give their consent.
    - Champions must defend their title within a 30 day span, unless they have a reasonable reason to not defend.

    How IWT Staff Works -
    - If you wish to contact IWT Management, to be booked, request a match, notify, suggestion, ask or casually talk to - you can contact @Roadster
    - IWT Management books shows and matches based off the opinions of those involved and/or opinions of the booker and general manager.
    - IWT Staff accepts, reviews and makes rulings on all serious suggestions.

    Behavior -
    - If you feel that your placement in the IWT is not living up to your standards, feel free to contact IWT Creative members.
    - Petitions and other forms can be open to public voting, and will be discussed within IWT Creative
    - Constant harassment or purposeful irritation of staff can result in a Suspension.
    - Attempting to covertly affect or disrupt IWT or anyone involved with be an automatic Suspension.
    - IWT Management has the power to stop anyone/people that purposely hinder or negatively affect the flow of IWT
    - IWT staff has the right to decline entry to, suspend and expel any current or potential competitors

    Punishments -
    - 1st Degree: Forfeit; Event ban
    - 2nd Degree: Forfeit; Event ban; Suspension; Loss of title(s) or title shot(s)
    - 3rd Degree: Forfeit; Event bans; Suspension; Loss of title(s) or title shot(s); Expulsion
    - Warnings will be handed out for smaller or accidental violations.
    - Warnings are on a 1-2-3 scale. A 4th warning will result in a Punishment.​
    Last edited: Oct 31, 2017
  2. Smarkslayer

    Smarkslayer What, like it's hard?

    Back to IWT again? FYI it says SIG where it says How Sig Staff Works.
  3. Roadster

    Roadster Il Capitano Administrator

    Not yet public, but thanks.

    Also, IWT was put to rest by a couple of chodes who deliberately tried killing it, so I figured it was best to revive it than leave it dead in a soiled grave.
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  4. Smarkslayer

    Smarkslayer What, like it's hard?

    Fair enough, but I'm still the SIG/IWT Television Champion. Come at me, bro.
  5. Roadster

    Roadster Il Capitano Administrator

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  6. Indy

    Indy Indie Wrestler

    I hope we can add a certain rule where people aren't allowed to abuse the deadline (post your 2nd promo just before the deadline ends so you have a one-promo advantage) because I saw that happen way too much in NGW and RWK. This is supposed to be enjoyable with people just having fun promo'ing a bit, not so competitive that it takes away from matches just because someone wants a W in their column badly.
  7. Roadster

    Roadster Il Capitano Administrator

    Maybe a strike system? If you do it more than once or twice than it will have some repercussions.
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