Storyline IWT is the Red Pill, Take the Blue


Indie Wrestler
D-Generation X
Oct 2, 2017
[The lights in the arena switch to black all of a sudden as the crowd screams in surprise. Suddenly a mysterious voice speaks out over the speakers]

IWT. It's time to change.
It's time to wake up.

IWT isn't the cancer.
You are.

[Then suddenly a quick video mashup of all the various IWT superstars recent messages plays on the screen. Each superstar looking determined as if they are the best in the company. All fueled with fire. Then suddenly it goes back to pitch black after only a few quick moments]

You are guilty for the fall of the kid. The universe and it's cowards just sat around and hid. Do anything for fame, they'll know me by name. It isn't personal. It's just business? Yeah well, IWT aint your name. Business going out of the business now, because the more things change the more things stay the same. Same shit, different day.

Your brush with greatness is over. Take this pill, think it over. Know that no one is greater. It's not a laxative, it's not an accident. Its time the parasites die. Let's get what we want. So here's my cinematic release. Half a gram of peace. Because maybe then, you too can pretend to be happy for once...

[The screen then quickly rewinds through the footage to the start of the clip. Symbolizing a rebirth of sorts. almost like the clocks of time had just gone back. Suddenly then in the mic silence as a few of the crowd woo's the performance. A new face suddenly marches from the curtain. Posing at the top of the stage, before his music hits]

I was summoned from the higher dimensions in time of mankind's need. IWT, Sage has arrived...

Excuse me if this seems strange. I hope I'm not too late. Didn't have a time stone, just some lemon haze. Meditating, tripping, astral travel all my days. 14,000,605 futures I have seen, but only one I saw we make it. That's the one where Sage comes down and exposes all this fuck shit!

[The very alternative Superstar then walks into the ring as he looks around the arena before turning his gaze back to where he was just stood]

Unlike all of you. I have been searching for the answer. I have devoted every second of my spiritual power into finding the key to IWT Success. Shamans, Gods, gurus and monks. I have asked them all and they all say the same thing I see with my third eye.


She haunts these halls and stirs her twisted will. This place is cursed. Bound to evil. Demons, rapists, murderers, women beaters, criminals, psychopaths, stalkers, wannabe celebrities this place attracts them all. The energy here is so cold you can feel the chill. But I did not come unprepared. I might be a little late. But I am ready.

I found the answer that IWT needs. You see the only thing holding IWT back, is the men who cling onto it like its all their life depends on. The stench of ego is worse than the smell of half those apes in the locker room. They are close minded, trapped in their obsessive thoughts of grandeur because they have not left the mortal realm and seen the rivers of Babylon in the celestial complex of needs and wants.

Michael. Farooq. Fargo. Bryant. Forte. Dat Kid. Dragon. Christian. Aids...

You have all been the fuel to the fire of IWT now. So when shit starts to stink why don't they check the trash being burnt? Look at where we are. What year are we even in? Because if I look around all I see is IWT stuck in a shitty position where people aren't even sure if they should bother buying a ticket next week because the whole arena might have packed up and moved on, once again!

I have waited in the shadows. Waited for my time but IWT is going down the exact same path it has always gone down. You are all leading the one thing you love most into it's inevitable demise. You are weak minded, weak willed and most of all like the snake that bites the hand that feeds it. You are just too damn oblivious to realize that the cancer in IWT, Is the ones who fight so damn hard for it.

The truth might hurt, but the death of the ego is sore, for those who cannot live without it...

[He then drops the microphone as he poses one last time, before he marches out through the crowd who gladly welcome the new superstar]
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