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Get the Strap!
D-Generation X
Sep 29, 2017
Three weeks following Christian and Suicide's clash at IWT Retribution, Christian has remained silent ever since his victory.

We get a drone shot of the beautiful state of California which eventually leads to a shot of a gated residential community. The camera zooms in and we see Christian getting out of an escalade. A camera crew closely follows his footsteps and stand before him.

Christian: Now I know what you're wondering...

You're wondering on what my thoughts are on the announcement of all titles being temporarily defunct. Because face it, I am the face of this company and my opinion matters more than anyone else's in this company.

But lets forget about me for a second, lets forget about the championships for a moment...

Christian walks up to a mansion

Christian: We, right now, stand before Dat Kid's house. Yes, the Dat Kid!

I thought it would be cool to check out and interview one of the greats in IWT. I mean, look at this house! It's not as big as mine, but that's kind of expected. This is also where he writes and directs most of his films on his off time. They don't do too well, but again, what do you expect from Dat Kid? Lets check in with him.

Christian rings the doorbell awaiting Dat Kid to answer the door
A black man with an afro who clearly isn't Dat Kid opens the door.

Christian: Dat Kid! Long time no see buddy. How you been?

Dat Kid: Jesus Wept!

Christian: Right right, I forgot you have severe brain damage. But listen, I thought it'd be cool idea to interview one of the greats in IWT and see what goes on behind the scenes. Like with your life and whatnot. What do you say?

Dat Kid: Jesus Wept!

Christian looks at the camera crew with a confused look on his face and tells the camera crew to follow him inside.

Inside Dat Kid's mansion we see a bunch of scripts lying on the floor and many posters of his legendary matches.

Christian: Wow, look at this place! And look at all these matches he has on his wall...

Dat Kid Vs. Aids Johnson
Dat Kid Vs. Aids Johnson II
Dat Kid Vs. Aids Johnson III
Dat Kid Vs. Aids Johnson IV
Dat Kid Vs. Aids Johnson V...

Christian: Huh? Guess Dat Kid has a thing for Aids and his Johnson.

Christian picks up a few of the many scripts lying on Kid's floor.

"My Failed Marriage"
"Jesus Wept"
"I'm Still Relevant written by Dat Kid and Aids Johnson"

Christian: Uhh, Kid...
All these scripts are pretty boring.

Kid faces get enraged and he starts screaming

Christian: What the? Dat Kid, relax! It's just a bit of criticism, don't get heated! I mean, everyone has a critic especially in the entertainment business! If you don't want to hear it, you probably shouldn't be in the profession! Stop Dat Kid, this is an interview!

Dat Kid starts yelling and storms towards Christian


Christian spears Dat Kid down through his glass table

Christian starts removing some glass shards from his clothing as Dat Kid lies down on top of the broken glass.

Christian sits down on a couch, looks at the camera and changes his demeanor to a serious look.

Christian: Dat Kid...

It's been nearly six years since we've been in the IWT. Six long years...

And I've had the front row seat to watch your career since the birth of the company till now. And the only other man who can say he's done the same is Farooq.

I've seen your highest of high's, Kid. I've seen you carry the IWT Championship time & time again, I've seen a series of classic matches with Aids, I've seen you beat five other superstars in an Elimination Chamber match, I've seen you walk out of IWTMania with your hand held high...

But I've also seen your lowest of lows...

And you know, it pains me dearly because you could say, I was a fan of yours. I WAS a fan of yours...

But for the last few years, it seems all you do is talk but can't ever seem to back it up. You take shots at me the second you get it and trust me, you've been taking shots, but just know you've been firing blanks for the past three years and it's shown time and time again in all your matches.

Christian grabs a piece of paper and writes something on it

Christian: I know this was supposed to be an interview for a once great IWT superstar. But I have a suggestion for a film you can make or maybe a documentary if you will.

Christian places the paper he wrote on on-top of Dat Kid's lying body. The paper reads "The Rise and Fall of Dat Kid"

Christian: Jesus Wept
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