Match IWT 47 - Spawn v. Fire


Il Capitano
Sep 29, 2017
United States of America
The following contest is scheduled for one fall!...

Introducing the participants...
(@TUMBAS) Spawn v. Fire (@Fire)

The rules are as followed:

- No videos except for titantron entrances
- All pictures must be used in context of the promos.
- There is a 2 promo limit
- The deadline for all promos is November, 16th 2018
- Voting will then last for 24 hours
- Keep all OOC, off-topic and side conversation away until after voting has opened.​


Indie Wrestler
D-Generation X
Oct 2, 2017
Out marches Spawn with his head hung low. He raises the microphone to his mask.

No-nut November huh? Seems about right. Either way I will gladly walk out here and take my three points if they are too scared to compete tonight. I'm not surprised, I'm just disappointed. This soul has tried to escape me, but I will have it one day. I am after bigger things than some meager cowards spirit. I want the best. So why don't you go ahead referee, and forfeit my opponent, because it doesn't look like he wants to play with his demons.

The demon walks into the ring as he scowls at the ref through his mask.

I'm already over this. Give me my three points and we can wrap this all up. I never have been a man of great patience...​