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NJPW Is Okada New Japan's Roman Reigns?

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by ¡Tranquilo!, Mar 6, 2018.

  1. ¡Tranquilo!

    ¡Tranquilo! Indie Wrestler Donor

    A comparison I've been seeing pop up to much lately. On the surface it's really easy to say they're one in the same. Okada is the young Ace of the company chosen and backed by the head booker of the promotion and Roman Reigns is the BIG DOG and WWE is his yard, he's main evented 3 wrestle mania's back to back and is seemingly the favorite talent in Vince's toy box. Both home-grown talents in their respective companies, both apart of major factions and both are heavily protected. Yeah sure they're similar but when you really start to break it down the difference is very clear.

    Okada is accepted as the top guy because he paid his dues within the company, working through the young lion ranks, having to endure his mishandling while on excursion in TNA and coming back to have a great couple of matches with Hiroshi Tanahashi. Even after that going on to have great matches with almost all of New Japan's biggest stars in the last 3-5 years. He's top 5 best wrestler in the world and the most important champion in the wrestling world as far as I'm concerned.

    Reigns hasn't done almost any of that. He's put on some good matches here and there, his most notable being the Match with AJ at Extreme Rules a few years back. His last two matches at mania weren't good and he's remained in the spotlight despite constant fan backlash.

    Am I wrong? I want opinions.
  2. NexFlax

    NexFlax Rookie

    this. Okada has been in NJPW longer than Roman has been with WWE. What "dues" has Roman paid? Being in NXT? That's literally nothing compared to the young lion ranks in New Japan. Okada has well enough earned his spot at the top but Roman has really done nothing to earn that spot at all. I doubt Roman could ever touch the same level Okada is on right now. Okada has worked harder than any other wrestler to get to the spot he's at right now and he's more than earned every bit of recognition he's gotten by fans and promoters.

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