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How would you reintroduce Mike Kanellis?

Discussion in 'SmackDown LIVE!' started by Roadster, Jan 25, 2018.

  1. Roadster

    Roadster Il Capitano Administrator

    Mike Kanellis has been out of focus for a few months now, but I think he has a lot of potential. He's a great, albeit corny, character. I think he has along way to go, and can be a serious contender in the midcard-to-upper midcard scene.

    Here's how I'd reintroduce Mike Kanellis

    First off, there has to be a decision of whether or not to keep the love gimmick. I think it would've worked well if WWE had kept investing in it, but no one wants to beat a dead horse. I'd do away with the gimmick. Another thing to note is to give him a clean victory, straight off the bat. Last time, his debut match was a bogus interference win. It hurts the character and depletes it of any threat.

    Secondly, I'd line up a gimmick. He's obviously good as a cocky heel. It's really been his only serious gimmick. From his days in The Kingdom, to being The Miracle. It suites him well, but I'd like to try something different with it, which isn't different by general standards but by WWE standards.

    I'd redebut him at Fastlane. In the scenario, Roode and Ziggler have a match to determine the Undisputed WWE United States Championship. Ziggler defeats Roode and becomes the champion, and after the match, Roode attempts to congratulate Ziggler, but he's a little suspicious. However, Kanellis rushes to the ring and beats Roode down while Ziggler reluctantly watches. Ziggler then assumes that he's on his side and goes in to welcome him before being laid out by Kanellis again.

    The following SmackDown, Roode and Ziggler demand answers while Kanellis stays quiet. Roode and Ziggler have a rematch to settle the score, and after the match Kanellis does the same. However, he's much more vicious, and seemingly doesn't care about the WWE United States Championship. He disregards the belt but ruthlessly beats both of them down. The next SmackDown, both Roode and Ziggler want to fight Kanellis, who's still quiet.

    Roode v. Kanellis is booked for later that night while Ziggler v. Kanellis is booked for the following week. During the match, Kanellis ruthlessly beats down Roode. He picks him apart, and beats him into submission. Kanellis laughs and shrugs off the beatdown. The following week, he has a similar showing against Ziggler. Kanellis walks over to the US title and lays it on Ziggler's body.

    Bryan announces that Roode will get his rematch at WrestleMania, but the recent wins by Kanellis warrant him in the same conversation. Roode will have to face Kanellis for his rematch clause, with the winner facing Ziggler at Mania. During the match, Kanellis does a similar job against Roode. However Roode begins to put up a fight. Roode fights back hard, and forces Kanellis to use underhanded tactics for the first time since his return to pick up the win.

    Bryan announces that since Kanellis cheated, he'll have to add Roode back into the match and make it a Triple Threat match for the United States Championship at WrestleMania.

    In the build up for the match, Kanellis stays undefeated and virtually silent however he begins to breakdown his opponents with much more ease. He looks less and less worried or tired by the end of his matches. He begins to beat opponents by placing a foot on their chest and so on.

    At WrestleMania, Kanellis defeats Ziggler and Roode in the match for the United States Championship. After the match he takes to the microphone for the first time. He proclaims himself the wrestling jesus, mocks Ziggler and Roode and laughs at the boos projected at him. He places the title on his shoulders and walks out of the arena.
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