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Impact Wrestling Homecoming in Nashville to Kickoff 2019!

Discussion in 'ROH & Impact News Feed' started by Highspot, Nov 5, 2018.

  1. Highspot

    Highspot Failure is not an option Administrator

    The New Year always brings the idea of change, new beginnings, resolutions and the idea of accomplishing something big in the new year. Well, for the Stars and Knockouts of IMPACT Wrestling they have that opportunity in the first week of 2019 with Homecoming. It all goes down in a city that IMPACT called home for many years, Nashville, TN. The Asylum was the venue for many incredible moments in our history. Homecoming will not only pay tribute to our past, but point towards our future.

    Stay tuned for more information on Homecoming including tickets, VIP Packages and more in the coming weeks to IMPACTWrestling.Com.

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